Message Actions

Message actions help you perform an action to an individual message, once it has been sent. Apart from the default message actions such as Reply, Forward and Copy that are already available, this integration lets you add new action entries for a message. Know more about the default message actions available. Read on to know how to create a message action. 

How to create a message action?

1. Click your display picture and select Bots and Tools.

2. In the integrations page select Message Actions and go about filling up the below fields.

  • Action Name: Provide your message action name. This field is mandatory.
  • Hint: Brief explanation about the message action.
  • Access Level: Decide who gets to access your message action. Choose between Organization, Team and Private. Default option is Private.
  • Actions on multiple messages: Decide whether the message action can be used on multiple messages simultaneously.
  • Choose what kind of messages should have the message action. Options are Text messages, Attachments and Links.

3. Clicking Save & Edit Code will save your message action configurations and direct you to the Edit Code page.

Editing a message action:

Select the message action and click Edit Configurations in the message action preview to change the existing message action configuration. Clicking on Edit Handlers lets you modify the existing code to alter the message action code.

Editing a message action can also be done by hovering over the message action name and clicking Edit Code

Deleting a message action:

Delete a message action by clicking on the message action icon present next to the action name. But once deleted, your message action cannot be retrieved back.