The Chat window

The Chat Window

The Chat Window is the window of any chat, channel or bot where exchange of conversation takes place. The chat window is packed with all necessary features to facilitate easy communication and sharing of information with your colleagues and team members. The following is a detailed info on the chat window:

The Chat window in detail with all its features

  1. Info: The user’s registered Name, Photo and Status are displayed in the top left corner of the chat window.
  2. Call: To make an audio or video call to a user.
  3. Mute: Mutes the chat for a certain period of time or forever.
  4. Star and Message Actions: Hover over the message and click on the small star icon to save your important messages for reference later. You can also check out Starred Messages page to learn more. Next to Star is the the Message Actions (3 dots next to Star icon). You can do the following actions:
    • Reply: Reply to that particular message. This will include a quote of the message above your typed reply.
    • Forward: Forward the message to other contacts/channels/group chats.
    • Fork Henceforth: Start a new chat from the current message onwards and also include other users. Click here to know more about Fork.
    • Copy: Copy the message to your clipboard.
    • More: Displays the message actions which you can use to execute pre coded instructions.
  5. Actions: You can do the following:
    • Print: Print the chat transcript.
    • Pin Chat: Pin chat for quick access. To learn more about pinning your chats, click click here.
    • Turn Off History: To chat without saving the transcript in the database, in order to chat off the record.
    • Add Participants: Add other members of your organization in the ongoing chat. 
    • Note: The menus in Actions vary slightly for Group Chats, Bots and Channels. They are as follows:
    • Group chat - Leave: To leave that group chat.
    • Bots - Unsubscribe: To unsubscribe from that bot.
    • Bots - Permalink: Clicking on Permalink will copy the Bot's link to your clipboard and you can share it with other users.
    • Channels - Leave: To leave that channel. 
    • Channels - Info: Opens the Channel Preview from where you perform many more actions.
    • Channels - Permalink: Clicking on Permalink will copy the Channel's link to your clipboard and you can share it with other users.
  6. Attachments: To attach images, files, audio, video from your desktop using the attach option.
  7. Text box: Type the message you would like to send in the chat and hit enter. You can aslo use special charactares like @ and # to mention users and tag channels, and / to execute commands.
  8. Emoji & GIFs: The right corner of the text bar contains a set of emojis and GIFs, to ensure that chats are as animated as one is while they speak.
  9. Format Text: Detailed information on formatting texts is given under How do I format messages in the text area?.

Tip: You can quickly reply to any message by double clicking in the area surrounding the text i.e. the message region. The same applies for a file as well. 



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