Design with ease. ​

Analyze your development plan, collaborate across departments, and review your progress together until the design is picture-perfect.

Design with ease

Simplify code collaboration.​

Consult with your team to solve problems faster. Share code snippets easily from Cliq's chat window and get the help you need.

Simplify code collaboration.​

Expedite testing for quality deliverables

Identify and fix bugs faster during the testing phase. Get immediate results on code performance inside the Cliq interface without having to switch to another application.

Expedite testing for quality deliverables

Facilitate continuous deployment

Deploy code updates immediately to compress the production cycle. Use bots to stay current on the progress of each stage in the pipeline.

Harmony Continuos Deployment

Create happy customers.​

Funnel customer feedback directly to the team. React rapidly to problems or celebrate praise together.

Happy Customers

Deploy Cliq for your development team