Get notified when there's an issue

Customers voice their concern through a variety of mediums, like email, live chat, phone calls, and social media. Cliq collects these inquiries and notifies you in the chat window as soon as they come in. Acknowledging and responding to your customers quickly shows how much they matter.

Acknowledge the issue notifications

Resolve incidents effectively

For complex solutions—when you need to work across departments—ad hoc discussions can come in handy. Instantly connect agents with developers and QA specialists to collaborate and solve problems faster.​

Resolve incidents effectively using Zoho Cliq

Keep your KB current

Communicate solutions to your customers, and then add the information to your Knowledge Base for future reference. Use slash command to update your support channel on the status of the issue to keep the entire team informed.

Keep your KB current

Centralize your feedback

Collect customer feedback about the incident resolution process to measure your support team's performance. Use bots to bring this valuable information to the team channel and identify areas for improvement. 

Centralize your feedback using Zoho Cliq

Measure service metrics

Monitor important service metrics through Cliq to gauge the quality and effectiveness of your incident resolution process. Analyze the volume and nature of the issues you receive, the average response times of your agents, and the "happiness" ratings given by customers to assess your overall support operation.​

Measure service metrics using Zoho Cliq

Start solving problems with Cliq