What actions can I perform on a message? Are they customizable?

What actions can I perform on a message? Are they customizable? 

Cliq offers a set of actions that you can perform on a message and they are known as Message Actions. There are 7 default message actions in Cliq, and more actions can be customized according to your need!

Hover on a message and in the right side you will be able to see the message action icons.

  • The first icon is the Reactions icon with which you can react with emojis for that message. 
  • The second icon, an arrow pointing left is the Reply icon. Clicking on this icon will allow you to send a new message quoting the original message as reference.
    Hint: Just double tap on the space around a message for quick access to Reply. 
  • The third icon is the 3 dots that contain the rest of message actions. 
    • Copy: This action copies the message to your device clipboard.
    • Forward: This action is to forward the message/file to 1-1chats, group chats, channels and bots. For detailed info on forwarding, refer here.
    • Fork from here: This action is to fork from any point in a chat and start a new conversation from that point. Click here to view more details on fork chat.
    • Set Reminder: This message action is to help you set a reminder on the message. You can pick a time or set your own custom time for the reminder. 
    • Edit: This action is to edit a message that you've sent. You can edit messages sent in the last 3 days, i.e.72 hours. 
    • Delete: This action is to delete a message that you've sent. Messages sent in the last 3 days, i.e. 72 hours can be deleted. 
    • More: This action contains the customized message actions available in your organization.

Hover over a message and click the Message Actions icon (3 dots)

Apart from these actions, you can also configure your own custom actions that you need to perform on a message. 


  1.  To send a file directly to your Google Drive
  2.  To mark a message as a Trello card
  3.  To mark a message as a task in Asana 

To know more on how to configure and build your own message action, check out the Message Actions page in Developer docs. 


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