How do I forward files?

How do I forward files?

To forward the image to one user, click on the forward icon below the image. Enter the recipient name, and click on Forward button to complete the action.

Click on the forward icon in the bottom of image to send it to a single user.

You can also forward the image along with the messages to many users. Hover over the image, click on the Message Actions that appear in the left side, select Forward, and proceed. You will get a dialogue box with a list. There are two types here:

  • Forward to users
    -- Individual
    -- Group
  • Forward to chats and channels 

Quick read: Message Actions appear when you hover over any message. To know more about it's features, click here

  • Forward to Users
    Enter the name of the user in the box.
    -- Individual: The selected info will be forwarded individually to the users.
    -- Group: If you select more than 2 users, an option to send in a Group will appear. You can set the chat title and proceed. A new group chat will be created with the users and the info will be forwarded to that chat.

Note: Under Individual, if you select 10 users and above it will automatically become a Group.

Enter the name of users and forward to them individually
Enter the name of users and forward to them in a Group chat

  • Forward to chats and channels
    Enter the name of the direct message and channel that you want to forward to and proceed.

You can enter the name of channels and group chats or select from the list available.



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