How to fork from a message and create a new chat from it?

How to fork from a message and create a new chat from it?

Fork chats are chats in which you can create a new chat from your existing chatconversation (1-1, Group Chat, Channel). You can choose from which point you want to share the conversation and with how many users. 

To fork your chat: 

  • Hover on the message that you want to fork the conversation from 
  • Click Message Actions icon and select Fork Henceforth 
  • In the pop-up that appears, give a new title if needed, select users and click Create
  • If you do not want to include the existing chat's participants, then uncheck the box that says 'Include all participants of this conversation'

The new chat that is created by forking will be a standalone chat, i.e. further changes to the old chat will not be reflected in the new forked chat. 

Let's see this with an example:
Jacob chats with Chloe and talks about an issue that he is facing. Chloe knows that Lewis is the right person for this and so she forks her 1-1 chat from the message containing the issue details and adds Lewis to it, with the issue name as chat title. 
Hover on the message, click message actions icon and select Fork henceforth
This image is a view of the new forked chat


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