Disappointed by the LastPass acquisition? Switch to Zoho Vault for free!

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Ever since LastPass announced its decision to join the LogMeIn family, users have been expressing their disappointment and distress over the acquisition, on different mediums. This was definitely NOT what LastPass was hoping to hear from its customers: 

LastPass user comments over LogMeIn acquisition

Yes, we know you are not as thrilled as LastPass iswith this trust-transfer transaction. Acquisitions are intrinsically unsettling and raise questions about pricing, data privacy, security, development, vision, values, and other core issues. Since businesses usually tend to recoup the acquisition costs from the newly acquired customer base, acquisitions generally scare users. 

The other two major questions of concern that now hang in the air and the users’ minds are: 

>> LastPass is one among the top password managers, and has been very transparent with its users. Yet, with this recent acquisition, LastPass users are required to “transfer” their trust to a new organization. Will the new organization continue to preserve the trust? 

>> Acquisitions naturally bring integrations, which in turn engender changes in business structures. Will the existing business model of LastPass be retained without changes, despite promises made about “no plans to change”? 

Security gripes as mentioned above are only common when a relationship that has been built on trust over the years is suddenly handed over and left in a new territory.So, if you are a LastPass user disappointed over the recent development, you always have a choice: 

Switch to Zoho Vault for free in a single click! 

Zoho Vault is an online password manager that comes with an easy-to-use interface, advanced team sharing features, cross-platform support, rock-solid security, and complete data privacy. 

Switching to Zoho Vault is free, fast, and easy. 

Zoho Vault for personal use 

Go ahead and sign up directly. You will be enrolled into a 15-day trial. At the end of the trial, your account will be automatically converted to the FREE plan that is valid forever. 

Zoho Vault for Businesses 

  1. Go ahead and sign up for an account directly. You will be enrolled into a 15-day trial.

  2. Then, fill out this online form providing proof of your LastPass usage. You may attach a screen capture of the LastPass acquisition announcement email that was sent to you. Once we receive the screen capture, we will enable a one-year, enterprise subscription license absolutely FREE of cost.

Porting Data 

We have provided an easy option to quickly import your data from LastPass. Export your data from LastPass as a CSV file. Log in to Zoho Vault, navigate to Tools,” click “Import,” and select the option “LastPass CSV File” in the drop-down. Your passwords will be imported to Zoho Vault. 

If you need any assistance, write to us at support@zohovault.com 

At Zoho, your trust in us is treasured and protected. 

Zoho Vault, an integral part of Zoho’s online suite of products, is trusted by thousands of customers across the globe. The Zoho suite has been on the market for more than ten years and commands the trust of more than 15 million users. Having stayed private and bootstrapped and profitable for 17 years since the founding of the company, we are firm believers in the motto, ‘Trust is NOT transferable’. We are here for you, for the long haul.

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2 Replies to Disappointed by the LastPass acquisition? Switch to Zoho Vault for free!

  1. Hello Anusha, I using Zoho Vault for home and really happy with moving to Zoho Vault from 1Password. But there is an minor issue that forced me use another app with Zoho Vault: Missed field, OTP for authenticator. 1Password has a QR scanner to make OTP field so don't need to another app like Google Authenticator. I think Zoho Vault as online and unified password manager need this field to be more unified and amazing. Thanks

  2. Have been using Zoho Vault as an alternative for 2 weeks now. Works so well I haven't noticed I've actually changed password managers.

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