Made by Zoho, the company trusted by over 80 million users
75 Million

Made by Zoho, the company trusted by over   million users

Zoho Vault comes from Zoho, a software company offering   applications to fulfill every aspect of your business needs. Zoho is the trusted software provider for over   million users across the globe.

Unmatched information security and privacy

Zoho Vault uses host-proof hosting to safeguard your data. This ensures your data is safely encrypted and decrypted with AES-256 encryption on the client side (browser) using your master password, so only the encrypted data is sent to our servers. The passwords you store in Vault thus remain completely private and can only be accessed or decrypted with your master password. Since this master password isn’t stored anywhere in Vault, even Zoho does not have access to your data, giving you complete information security and privacy.

  • Simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use

    Zoho Vault was designed with usability and efficiency in mind. Any user can sign up and get started within a few minutes, regardless of their technical expertise. Vault helps make your passwords complex, but keeps the user experience simple.

  • Appealing to businesses of all sizes

    Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Vault helps you group your passwords into different folders, organize users based on their teams, and simplify password sharing across your team. With different levels of access privileges, you can safely share passwords with your colleagues and safeguard your critical business data in one place.

  • Brings Significant Productivity Gains

    Vault’s free browser extensions enhance user productivity by letting you automatically log in to your saved websites and applications with just a few clicks. Vault’s browser extensions will also help you save your passwords for new logins.

  • Free for personal use, affordable for enterprises

    Zoho Vault is free for personal use with no restrictions on the number of passwords you can save. Our paid plans offer extensive features for business password management without requiring any long-term commitments or charging hidden fees. You can add or remove users as you wish and cancel your subscription in a hassle-free, one-click process.

Get complete password security and exclusive benefits by switching to Zoho Vault