Protect your online accounts with Zoho Vault and Zoho OneAuth

Zoho Vault is a secure password manager that helps businesses securely store, share, and manage passwords for our online accounts. When we want to access our online accounts like Amazon or Netflix, we need to first authenticate who we are to gain access. This authentication is mostly done with our username and password. Gaining access to our online accounts with only a single-level of authentication or factor isn’t enough in today's backdrop of sophisticated cyberattacks. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is recommended for all critical accounts such as banks, social media, and business accounts that require the user (you) to provide two or more verification factors to gain access to our accounts.

  • Something you know: User name and password/pin
  • Something you have: A smartphone or USB key
  • Something you are: Biometrics

Zoho OneAuth is Zoho's free multi-factor authentication app that can be used to protect both your Zoho apps and third-party apps. In this blog post, we’ll see how you can leverage Zoho OneAuth along with Zoho Vault to protect your online accounts.

  • Case 1: MFA for Vault
  • Case 2: Unlock Vault without a master password
  • Case 3: OTP autofill for stored accounts

MFA for Zoho Vault 

Your Zoho Vault account is business-critical and it’s mandatory to configure MFA for your password manager. If you’re an administrator in your Zoho Vault setup, you can enforce it for all users in your organization for an additional level of security. Learn more.

Unlock Vault without a master password 

Zoho Vault can be unlocked with the master password that only the user (you) knows. We have recently introduced unlocking Zoho Vault without a master password via Zoho OneAuth and other authenticators. With this option, you can quickly log in to Zoho Vault on web and browser extensions without manually entering the master password every single time. Learn more.

OTP autofill for stored accounts 

You can now configure and manage MFA for your stored accounts in Zoho Vault with the help of our Zoho OneAuth integration. Upon successful configuration, you'll receive a push notification through your Zoho OneAuth app for accessing the required OTP. By approving this notification and verifying your Face ID/Fingerprint, the required OTP will be automatically filled in for you on the web where you initiated sign in. This streamlined process eliminates the need for manual intervention during TOTP auto-fill. Learn more.

Why wait? Go ahead and try these Zoho Vault and Zoho OneAuth use-cases today to protect your online accounts. If you have any feedback or questions, please write to Stay secure with Zoho.


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