Shapers: A unique way to customize page sections

Look closely at a website and you’ll notice that its text, images, and videos are arranged in rectangular patterns. These boxy designs look clean and make navigating pages easy.

This design also means that there’s a place for everything. The only problem is that it can get a bit monotonous.

Well, it doesn’t have to be anymore.

Introducing shapers!

Shapers are design layouts that you can add to the top and bottom of each section. You can customize their height and color to achieve abstract designs.

The creative possibilities are endless. For example, you can apply a shaper at the bottom of a section. Then apply another shaper at the top of the section below it. This can create distinct patterns that vary from the designs we provide.

Likewise, you can create other pattern combinations by applying colors that connect your shaper to the section below it.

Get creative and make each section stand out by giving them distinct designs. No two sections have to be the same ever again.

We provide over 25 shaper designs that range from playful to professional. Take your pick and increase the visual appeal of your website.

Break with convention and try shapers on Zoho Sites today!


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