Self-paced training: what every trainer should know

The evolution of the education industry means teaching has now moved from one-way instructor-led communication style to a more hands-on, learner-driven conversation. Conventional classrooms are making way for web-based education. Professional trainers, now often called "facilitators," are expected to nurture a collaborative environment in their courses to make learning more enjoyable and engaging.

In such a competitive space, how do you stand out as a trainer and make an impact? When convenience is paramount, delivering virtual classroom sessions is not enough to attract worldwide learners. Now it's important for trainers to also offer their sessions on-demand, so anyone can access the course no matter where they are or what their daily schedule is.

Benefits of offering self-paced training:

1. Flexible timing Imagine your training company is based in the UK. If you decide to host a live online session for an international audience, how do you schedule it? How do you factor in different time zones? Making sessions available on demand helps overcome this challenge. No matter where your audience is, they can log in to the training at a time convenient for them. This also saves you time, since you won't have to host the same session multiple times. 

2. Reach more customers Every trainee who pays for your course is your customer and, as with any other business, growing your customer base is important. Offering only in-person training sessions or webinars limits the number of trainees per session to a few hundred. However, with ShowTime you can deploy the same course as self-paced to help you reach thousands of potential customers around the world.

3. Comprehensive coursework Self-paced learning is not bound by time or instructor schedules. Offering self-paced courses gives you the freedom to present more extensive content, allowing your learners to gain more thorough knowledge.

Due to these benefits, digital learning is highly preferred among corporate professionals and graduates. This learner group is hard-pressed for time and self-paced learning offers them much-needed convenience. By offering training on-demand, you can capitalize on this business opportunity and increase your revenue and customer base.

We at Zoho ShowTime understand these requirements and have designed the on-demand feature for trainers like you. Although other training platforms offer on-demand capabilities, ShowTime helps you achieve more.

With ShowTime, you can:

  • Charge your attendees by configuring tickets to the session.
  • Design your course your way by uploading videos, presentations, and more.
  • Evaluate your attendees by assigning scores to quizzes and tests.
  • Award course completion certificates.
  • Convert leads effectively with the Zoho CRM integration.

Use ShowTime's on-demand training to empower your learners and make an impact in a highly competitive training industry. To learn more about this feature read this forum post or our detailed user guide. You can also share your feedback about your experience by emailing

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Zoho ShowTime is a single comprehensive platform to manage and run your training business. You can build your own brand, deliver meaningful training, and help empower the world. Follow ShowTime’s Community page to receive regular news about our product updates, as well as user tips and tricks.


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  1. Thank you for this! While I'm not exactly a "trainer," I've had to deliver training to multiple groups in different settings and found so much success with self-paced training. At my first company, every training session was delivered in-person so if anyone was on vacation, sick, or just out of the office it was nearly impossible to get them up to speed in a timely manner. I also found that so many people simply forgot what we covered in training, and I would get countless emails and questions after that fact. Now I work for a team that delivers self-paced" rel="nofollow">online training courses that are accessible whenever and wherever I want and need it. It is so much more engaging and worthwhile for everyone and a great way to supplement classroom training and coaching with additional information! It's a game-changer for me and my team!

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