The Recruit Report 2019

Before 2019 draws to a close and we’re all back at the drawing boards to plan for 2020, we thought we’d share some of the updates, celebrations, and progress that we experienced together throughout this amazing year.

2019 couldn’t have ended better for us.

Right when we thought it was time to wrap up our annual reports, G2 Crowd hit us with another big one.

Zoho Recruit was named as the best ATS across the globe in the “Winter Leaders 2020” list with a User Satisfaction Score of 94.

Guided by your feedback

It has been a long journey since Zoho Recruit’s launch in 2009. The reviews and feedback we get keep us on the right track, and we couldn’t be more grateful for them. This year, we’re proud to say that Zoho Recruit was named among Category Leaders by almost every highly acclaimed review site.

We couldn’t have achieved all of this without you, our customers. 🙂

At Zoho, we value your voice, and we strive to put your satisfaction first. Reviews are nice, but it’s more amazing to hear directly from you about how Zoho Recruit has changed your business for the better. You make us immensely proud of what we do, and we promise to keep doing our best to make your recruitment process more efficient long into the future.


This year also marked our 10th year on the market and a million hires made with Zoho Recruit. We started out in 2009 by building a solution that helps recruiters and HR departments streamline hiring. In the last decade, we’ve become part of a dynamic industry that demands technological advancements to be competitive with changing market trends.

As a celebration, we organized a tweet chat about “The future of recruitment in the age of automation and AI” featuring an extraordinary roster of spearheads from the recruitment industry. See More

Our best just got better

“The bridges we built”

We gained plenty of integrations in the past year. These integrations helped us better bridge the gap between different recruitment stages.

The Slack integration helped users connect and collaborate more in their hiring efforts while the MailChimp integration made sending out mass emails a walk in the park. Integrations with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Resume Library took candidate sourcing to the next level. We also significantly increased the number of Phonebridge integrations with 28 new additions to our Marketplace, including British Telecom and AT&T, two telecom giants.

“Have you met Zia?”

Zia, Zoho’s AI assistant, made her debut appearance in Zoho Recruit with the Data Enrichment and Candidate Matching features. Zia’s ability to enrich candidate information and intelligently match job openings with the best fitting candidates made her an instant hit with our users.

We guarantee that you’ll see more of Zia in the coming year. 🙂

“Track every aspect of your hiring”

What good does measuring and tracking data do if you don’t get insights from it?

With the Zoho Recruit – Zoho Analytics integration, recruiters are able to track and analyze their performance in real time. Advanced Recruitment Analytics provide them with the most accurate data using predictive analysis.

“A Portal to better results”

Last year also marked the release of Zoho Recruit’s portal features, namely, Client Portal, Vendor Portal, and Candidate Portal. All three are unique in their own way but what unites them is how they operate.

All three features provide users (clients, candidates & vendors) with a secure portal that helps you do business with them better and lets them track and manage their work with you effectively.

“Find. Engage. Hire. Retain”

Zoho Recruit’s Reporting Hierarchy and Approval Process were released this year, too.

Imagine a hypothetical organization named Zylker with, say 5000 employees. Manually sorting out job requisitions and approval requests with respect to their organizational hierarchy would be a nightmare.

However, Zoho Recruit’s Reporting Hierarchy and Approval Process lets users model their organizational structure within Zoho Recruit and automate the processes that come with it.

“Recruitment: Impartial and un-prejudiced”

At Zoho Recruit we believe recruitment should be unbiased and inclusive for all. This led us to thinking what we could do with the power we hold.

In 2019 we introduced voice overs for Webform Captchas making Zoho Recruit the first major ATS to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Furthermore, in November 2019 we announced Zoho Recruit’s compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act (EEO). This helped recruiters increase applicant diversity, improve worker productivity and promote a healthy and happy workplace culture.

Enough looking back. Let’s see what’s ahead!

The advance of technology in the last decade has changed the way recruitment is perceived around the world. A lot of technology that would have been considered cutting edge a couple years ago has become a part of our daily lives now.

Many companies have already adopted Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) for training and simulations. Human work is being focused and strategized using AI, and the ‘Gig Economy’ is booming. Things can only get better for the HR world from here on.

As for Zoho Recruit, 2020 will be a pivotal year. We have greater heights to reach and a lot of expectations to live up to.

Regarding feature releases, 2020 will be the year of AI and Automation for Zoho Recruit. Minimizing manual intervention and providing easier access for users will be one of our primary goals next year.

We look forward to another awe-inspiring year with you and wish you a very happy new year.



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