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AI recruitment involves using artificial intelligence and predictive analysis to assist recruiters in the hiring process. Zoho Recruit's advanced AI recruitment software can assist in identifying top talent and conducting behavioural assessments of candidates. With our AI recruitment solution, recruiters can concentrate on improving the candidate experience and achieving higher-quality hires.

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What is the role of smart recruitment ?

Smart recruitment plays a crucial role in modern recruitment processes by employing cutting-edge AI technology to simplify and automate routine hiring tasks. By leveraging powerful AI-powered recruitment tools, organizations can improve the quality of their hires, reduce bias, and focus on real potential. This, in turn, allows hiring teams to utilize their time more efficiently and effectively. For organizations seeking to optimize their recruitment process, smart recruitment solutions powered by AI can help achieve a competitive advantage in today's dynamic job market.

Machines as matchmakers - Faster initial selection process

Curate the best candidates for the job you need to fill. With candidate matching across resumes, job descriptions, locations, industries, and any other metrics, your search will come together all in one place.

candidate-matches Candidate matching in AI Recruitment Software candidate-skills quick-view targeted-candidates
  • Perfect candidate matches

    Finding the perfect candidates for a job opening is now more straightforward than ever with Zia’s Candidate Matching. Match the right candidate to an open role faster based on their experiences, skills, and proficiencies, and instantly see how they stack up against other applicants.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) reduces the recruitment process time
  • Reduce time-to-hire. Increase search accuracy.

    Zoho Recruit's algorithm matches based on all the key criteria outlined in your job description within a few milliseconds, no matter how expansive your candidate database is. Just click "Find Matching Candidates," and you'll get a complete list of suggested applicants in seconds.

    hiring automation software helps to find high-skilled candidates
  • Tag candidate skills

    By tagging the skills you need for every job, you can find candidates in no time. Our powerful advanced search feature allows you to not only locate candidates based on keywords and skills, but also get a percentage match rating for each record.

    recruitment automation software
  • Say "hello" to Quick View

    With a quick view tab, you can easily view different candidate profiles and filter them based on sources, ratings, and more. Reduce time to hire by reviewing candidates and sending them pre-screening assessments in just a few clicks.

    artificial intelligence recruitment tools
  • Targeted recruitment

    Zoho Recruit's Radius Search delivers the most relevant candidate near you, down to the zip code! Target your search results by opting for both skills and location, and save time with our default data matched from your job descriptions.


Let ChatGPT write your job descriptions

A job description is the first official touchpoint between you and your potential candidate. How you draft it influences the kind of talent you attract. On top of communicating the duties of the role, you need to ensure that it is consistent with your employer brand and brings across your company's culture, all within a few sentences. We understand that not all recruiters are prolific writers. Our integration with ChatGPT helps you concoct effective Job Descriptions in a matter of seconds.

Let ChatGPT write your job descriptions
Let ChatGPT write your job descriptions

Instantly source talent with Boosters

Source Boosters are a powerful recruitment AI tool that makes your talent acquisition process a breeze. Enter your requirements for the job, and like Zoho Recruit instantly search through job boards like Resume Library, Nexxt, Monster, Career Builder, and Dice for matching candidate profiles. Import them into your candidate database and kickstart your recruitment process—it's that simple!

  • Find who you're looking for.

    Instantly access an infinite number of profiles with our advanced yet easy-to-use candidate search. Fill in basic requirements, such as job title or necessary skills, and use our advanced search filters to source top talent.

    ai based recruitment platform
  • Quickly access resumes.

    Conduct a complete search of resumes that match your requirements in a snap. Based on the instant search, Recruit lists the most suitable candidates. Then, you can take a quick view of their resumes and decide whether to proceed.

    quickly access resumes with AI recruiting software
  • Drag and drop.

    Find the candidates who are best suited to the opening, select their resumes, and simply add them to Zoho Recruit in the click of a button. Later, their candidate status can be moved to the next stage if they go through further rounds of interviews.

    ai recruitment platform
ai based recruitment platform quickly access resumes with AI recruiting software ai recruitment platform

Powerful Resume Parser

Zoho Recruit's Resume Parser is robust, fast, and accurate. Our Resume Parser Mapping feature, powered by AI and proprietary algorithms, helps you standardize and align the parsed resume structure to the form supported by your organization. It saves you time by allowing you to map the Zoho Recruit fields with the respective fields in the parsed resume.

AI recruitment resume parser

AI-Powered Candidate Screening Workflow

No two businesses are the same and their recruitment processes vary. Zoho Recruit's AI recruitment platform allows you to edit existing custom fields, add extra custom fields, and add custom statuses for candidates. Automatically assign tasks to users when certain rules are triggered. Any alerts, tasks, and field updates associated with the rule will also be triggered to optimize the recruiter's productivity.

AI powered candidate screening tool

Smart Search

Search and find records instantly with Recruit’s Smart Search feature, which starts searching as you type. Your keywords are matched with records in the module you are currently in, and the corresponding results are displayed. You can then access the quick view or the detailed view of the record from the search results for more information.

Hire people with the right skillset

Define the must-have and nice-to-have skills for a job opening even before publishing. Zoho Recruit's AI recruitment platform calculates every applicant's skill score and identifies candidates within seconds.

AI powered hiring automation software

Chatbots: The modern marvel

The way you communicate with a candidate can make or break their opinion of your organization. Zia, Zoho Recruit’s Chatbot, acts as your personal AI assistant, working in synergy with Zoho Recruit’s Career Site to keep candidates updated on job availability and help them track their job applications. Find the ideal fit for your jobs, build a diverse talent pool, and improve your candidate experience.

Chatbots: The modern marvel


1. What is AI recruitment software?

AI recruitment software is an advanced technology that uses artificial intelligence and automation to simplify and enhance various recruitment tasks. With AI-powered tools, organizations can effectively source and screen candidates, design optimal workflows, and engage with applicants in real-time using chatbots. The software streamlines the recruitment process, reduces manual labor, and allows recruiters to screen thousands of resumes efficiently. AI-powered recruitment software increases the chances of hiring the best candidates for the job, and enables recruiters to focus on more strategic aspects of the recruitment process. For organizations seeking to optimize their recruitment process and stay ahead in the job market, incorporating AI recruitment software is a crucial step.

2. How is AI used in recruitment?

AI technology is utilized in recruitment to offer predictive analysis capabilities that enhance the quality of hires and reduce bias. Additionally, AI-powered tools enable recruiters to:

  • Streamline the recruitment process by quickly scanning and parsing resumes.
  • Improve the quality of hires by utilizing standardized job matching.
  • Boost team productivity with custom workflows designed to optimize specific recruitment needs.
  • Enhance the candidate experience through the use of chatbots as personal assistants.

3. What is recruitment by artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) recruitment is a process that utilizes machine learning algorithms to match candidates with the most relevant job profiles. When recruitment systems are filled with data, manually searching through records can become overwhelming. However, with AI-powered recruitment tools, you can quickly identify suitable candidates and match them with job openings in a matter of seconds, making the hiring process more efficient and effective.

4. AI recruitment vs recruitment automation?

AI recruitment and recruitment automation are two different approaches to streamlining and optimizing the hiring process:

  • AI recruitment leverages machine learning algorithms to match candidates to job profiles based on data, thereby reducing bias and improving efficiency.
  • Recruitment automation refers to the use of tools and software to simplify and speed up the recruitment workflow by automating certain actions based on predefined rules.

In essence, AI recruitment involves using data and algorithms to match candidates to job profiles, while recruitment automation involves automating repetitive tasks and workflows to make the recruitment process more efficient.

5. How does smart recruiting help hiring teams or recruiters?

Smart recruiting provides numerous benefits to hiring teams and recruiters, including:

  • Optimizing hiring processes through automation and centralizing data
  • Creating rules and triggers to automate hiring tasks, such as sending bulk emails
  • Auto-filling options while candidates fill in their applications, making the process quicker and more efficient
  • Intelligently suggesting the most relevant job postings for a candidate, improving the chances of a successful match
  • Providing insights with advanced analytics and search metrics to inform better decision-making

By leveraging smart recruiting tools, hiring teams and recruiters can streamline and accelerate the hiring process, reduce errors and bias, and ultimately make better hiring decisions.

6. How does an AI recruitment platform work?

An AI-based recruitment platform leverages machine learning and predictive analysis techniques to identify the ideal candidate for a given job position based on their qualifications. This allows hiring managers and recruiters to quickly make informed decisions when it comes to hiring by relying on data-driven insights.

7. What advantages are there to using AI in recruitment?

  • Improved candidate experience
  • Automation for tedious recruitment tasks
  • Reduced time-to-hire
  • Faster candidate sourcing
  • Bias-free applicant screening
  • Chatbots for seamless communication

8. How do I automate my recruitment process?

Here are just some of the ways you can use automation in your recruitment process:

  • Minimize the time associated with tasks like pre-screening by providing predefined questionnaires
  • Perform bulk actions like sending emails or attaching assessments with just a click
  • Build a comprehensive candidate hiring pipeline

9. Why is Zoho Recruit the best AI recruitment software?

Zoho Recruit's intuitive interface guides you toward the next step to hiring the next best candidate. Our AI recruitment software allows you to perform structured hiring based on your needs. The built-in automation and effective communication tools help recruiters build great teams, and the system keeps all your candidate data in a centralized location.

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