What's brewing at Zoho Recruit?

Now get access to the all new CRM two-way sync, post jobs onto CV Library and Job Rapido, and much more on one of the most popular applicant tracking system — Zoho Recruit.

As professionals from the recruitment industry, two things matter the most to us. One being able to source better talent and second, to achieve this as quickly as possible.
Always on the look out for ways to improvise the product, we at Zoho Recruit have been constantly working to provide you with more and more integrations that make recruiting easier, faster, and smarter.   

Here’s a round up of what’s latest from Zoho Recruit:

Zoho CRM Two-Way Sync:
With the all new Zoho CRM two-way sync, Zoho Recruit users can seamlessly transfer data between Recruit and CRM. Not just that, CRM modules can be mapped with corresponding Recruit modules. Like, Potentials with Job Openings; Leads with Candidates; Accounts with Clients. Once set up, the sync will be instant.

An integration with a customer relationship platform is essential for recruiters, as it would enable them to nurture leads and engage with candidates and clients. With Zoho CRM, you can collect candidates and client database in Zoho Recruit, and move the former as leads and the latter as accounts, as and when interviews are scheduled and job openings are closed.

To install the sync, follow the steps here.

Zoho Campaigns integration:
Now, planning your weekly or monthly newsletters, welcome emails, customer surveys is all taken care of. Zoho Recruit’s built-in synchronization with Zoho Campaigns helps you to export candidates and contacts clients from Zoho Recruit to Zoho Campaigns. Not just that, recruiters can also track responses from candidates and take better decisions, based on the responses received.

Analyse the nature of your candidates with the click rates of the campaigns you’ve sent. Get insights and accordingly modify your strategies. For example, if the response is “Clicked” on the links in email, you’ve better chances with the candidate, whereas with “Marked as Spam”, you could change the Candidate Status as not interested.

Wider reach for your job boards:
Our very recent additions to the list of premium job boards integrations include the CV Library and Job Rapido. Available immediately, these integrations allow Zoho Recruit users to post jobs to these job boards, with just a toggle of a button each.  
While CV Library is one of UK’s leading independent job board, that hosts over 11 million resumes, across all sectors, Job Rapido is based out of Milan, and hosts over 20 million jobs across 58 countries.

Microsoft Outlook Plug-in for Mac:
Well, Recruit users working on Mac, can now access their Outlook account using this latest plug-in. The Recruiter Admin user can now download the latest Zoho Recruit MS Outlook plug-in for Mac. Do not forget to close the Microsoft Outlook application in your system before installing this. And for people who’d want to update their plug-in, just reinstall it. 

We hope these features will help you streamline your recruitment process even better. Watch out this space for more updates from us. Do keep us posted with your feedback.  




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