Sync time logs to generate payroll and invoices easily

If there was a system that directly handled your time logs, converting them to invoices, wouldn’t it be much easier to complete tasks and billing? Do away with manual entries and the chance for human error with Zoho People’s new third-party integration with QuickBooks. This much-needed integration is live now, allowing you to sync the time logs created in Zoho People to your QuickBooks account. If you’re a QuickBooks user, this integration will make payroll and invoicing faster and easier for you. No more manual entry of jobs in your QuickBooks account — read on to learn how the integration works.

Push approved time logs
Zoho People’s time tracker is designed to convert time to money with no fuss. Employees just log time on jobs, convert the logs to timesheets, and submit them for approval; the approved timesheets can be easily pushed to Quickbooks.

Auto-categorization in QuickBooks 
Time logs are automatically categorized in Quickbooks—Users are pushed as Employees , Clients as Customers, Jobs as Services, and Timelogs as Time Activity/Timecharge.
Invoicing clients becomes easier and more accurate because auto-pushing time logs means no more manual or duplicate entries. Only approved time logs will be synced with your QuickBooks account.

Your time logs are pushed as a Time Charge or Time Activity. Here’s the difference between the two:

Tracking time on jobs in Zoho People allows you to specify whether it is a billable or non-billable activity. Both can be approved and pushed to QuickBooks in a single click. To differentiate the two, billables and non-billables are seen as a Time Charge and Time Activity, respectively, in QuickBooks.
A Time Charge is essentially a billable job, assigned to a client. A Time Activity, on the other hand, is a record of time spent on a job. All time activities are listed in the QuickBooks Audit Logs with the employee names. This is especially important when processing payroll for employees. If your payroll is based on an the time spent on jobs per employee, then you can have each employee’s activities pushed to QuickBooks and use the data to process payroll.

A report that makes syncing easy

The ease of syncing has been extended to reports, too. The time tracker module comes with a variety of built-in reports, and there is one specifically designed to allow you to push your time logs as a Time Activity in QuickBooks. The report indicates which of your time logs have already been synced and which ones have yet to be.

No more complications in tracking time and invoicing—whether you need to process payroll for employees or to invoice clients, this new integration will help you complete your tasks in a jiffy. Learn more about the feature here.


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