The all-new Zoho Recruit: better processes, better sourcing, and better hires

Zoho Recruit turns 10 this year, and we are dedicating this special milestone to our huge family of happy recruiters. Being part of the recruitment industry and understanding the impact a profession like this can create, is out-of-this-world. It’s also one that grows on you. 

Zoho Recruit | Advanced Recruitment Platform

When we started out in 2009 to build a solution that helps recruiters and HRs streamline hiring, little did we know that we’d become part of a dynamic industry that demands technological advancements to be competitive and in sync with the changing trends in the market. Five version upgrades, multiple features, and hundreds of functionalities and enhancements later, we have to admit that we’re proud of this journey.

What we have for you today is undoubtedly one of the most advanced hiring platforms. No two businesses are the same, and neither are their hiring requirements, so we’ve tailor-made our product to adapt to your needs.

The all-new Zoho Recruit is everything you’ve always wanted. Let’s take a closer look.

ZIA comes on board to reduce hiring time
ZIA (Zoho’s Intelligent Assistant) in Zoho Recruit is every recruiter’s dream. She understands candidates as humans with career profiles instead of a string of keywords on their resume. This enables her to find the best candidate for a job opening by matching their experiences, skills, and proficiencies with the job’s requirements and grading them accordingly.

Zoho Recruit | ZIA

Extend your talent supply chain with our brand new Vendor Portal
Why limit your candidate sourcing channels, when you can build and manage a complete vendor network to get the best candidates for your jobs? Zoho Recruit’s Vendor Portal allows recruiters to invite third-party recruitment agencies to submit candidates for your open jobs into your database for processing. You can also provide them with a self-service log and enable them to track the progress of the candidates they’ve submitted.

Vendor portal | Zoho Recruit

A dedicated portal for all your clients
Give your clients the power to track their jobs with Zoho Recruit’s Client Portal. Clients can add jobs in the portal and track their progress. Once a recruiter submits a candidate for review, clients can add notes, view resume attachments and files, schedule calls, and self-manage every stage of the recruiting process. 

Client Portal | Zoho Recruit

Employee referral forums for stronger teams
Finding ideal candidates has become demanding for recruiters in a candidate-driven market. But with Zoho Recruit’s employee referral forum, corporate hiring teams can leverage their own employee network to refer people who are the right fit for a job. As well as being multifaceted, employee referrals draw a high volume of qualified candidates who can be retained for longer.

employee referral | Zoho Recruit

Incorporate Organizational Hierarchies
The Reporting Hierarchy feature lays out a clear organizational blueprint, by incorporating your organization ladder into your recruitment process. How? Zoho Recruit enables you to assign reporting managers to the users in your organization for efficient record accessibility and data sharing. This structure ensures controlled access to information for users within the organization and also ascertains that a user has only one reporting manager.

Reporting Hierarchy | Zoho Recruit

Build and sell applications with the Developer Console
Zoho Recruit’s Developer Console is a free cloud platform for developers to create ready-to-deploy cloud applications on top of the Zoho Recruit platform. Unlike conventional cloud platforms, Recruit lets you quickly build enterprise-level applications through easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools.

Inclusive and accessible candidate experience
We wanted to ensure that even our software echoed our company’s vision of equal opportunities for everyone. When recruitment is completely digital in nature, the application process must also be made friendly for differently-abled applicants. Our web forms are now ADA-compliant, powered with screen reading functionalities and interactive keyboard shortcuts to ensure that the application process is not a challenge anymore.

Candidate Portal 
Empower your candidates with a self-service portal where they can apply for jobs quickly and skip the trouble of filling out lengthy application forms. The portal lets them create their applicant profiles, apply for multiple jobs, and be informed of their progress. They can also keep their resume details updated to ensure all the information available for recruiters to process their application is up to date.  

candiate portal | Zoho Recruit

Dynamic workforce sourcing 
Zoho Recruit is now a recognized Facebook ATS Partner and a certified LinkedIN ATS partner. Recruit’s integration with Facebook will enable you to sync your organization’s Facebook account and post jobs to one of the largest social networks in the world. With the “Apply with LinkedIn” functionality, recruiters can now allow candidates to authorize information to be auto-filled from their LinkedIn profiles while applying for a job.

Facebook-jobs|Zoho Recruit

A comprehensive Interview Tool Kit

Get access to interview tools with just one click, including a candidate’s basic information, their resume attachment, prescreening assessment details, interview details, the assigned interviewer, their feedback, and more. The interview tool kit has individual and detailed dashboards for every interview.

Interview tool kit | Zoho Recruit

There are many other small surprises to be discovered when you start exploring Zoho Recruit. Our aim has always been to build a highly resilient and versatile tool to make the hiring processes simple, foolproof, and guided. We encourage you to take a tour of these features and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned! We have more announcements coming up soon.






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