Simplify your GSTR-9 filing with Zoho Books

The GSTR-9 (Goods and Services Tax Return – 9) is the annual return that has to be filed by GST-registered regular taxpayers in India. This return should contain the details of all the sales, purchases, taxes paid and input taxes claimed during the return filing period.

The annual return for the financial year 2017-2018 has to be filed by August 31, 2019. With the filing of the annual return around the corner, Zoho Books simplifies the whole filing process so you don’t have to break a sweat!

Who has to file this return? 

 It is mandatory for all the Indian businesses that have registered for GST to file their annual return, except for Casual Tax Payers, Input Service Distributors, Non-resident Tax Payers and businesses eligible to deduct TDS.  Even if your registration has been cancelled, you will have to file the return for the period it was active.

How can Zoho Books help file your return? 

Filing your GSTR-9 requires extra care and is a little tricky. The GSTR-9 contains 6 parts, split into 19 tables that contain details of all sales, purchases, ITC availed or reversed, taxes paid, amendments made, refunds, HSN summaries, late fees paid and so on. It’s important to ensure that you provide the right details and don’t miss anything since once the return is filed, it cannot be unfiled or updated.

Zoho Books splits the filing process into four simple steps so you can file your returns in no time.

Generate the GSTR-9 instantly without manual data entry

Filing your return directly in the GST portal would involve manually tabulating the data from your accounts and filling them in all six parts of the form. Zoho Books auto-populates most of the data from the app and generates a GSTR-9 summary to save you time and calculations. The summary generated by Zoho Books contains the details of:

  • Sales, purchases, taxes paid, ITC reversals, and amendments recorded in Zoho Books for the return filing period.
  • HSN/SAC details of your products that are available in your Zoho Books’ transactions.
  • An actual breakdown of the Capital Goods, Input Services and Inputs of all your inward supplies and imports.

Fetch data from GST portal for simplified reconciliation

The details that are available in your Zoho Books might not be automatically available in the form generated by the GST portal, or vice versa. Zoho Books fetches the system-calculated summary from the GST portal and allows you to reconcile it with the summary in Zoho Books. In case of any mismatch, you can update the summary with the accurate values, ensuring that your data is consistent and complete.

Push the final return to the GST portal

You can push your final return with all the updated data directly to the GST portal. If you’ve still missed any data, you can make the changes in Zoho Books and push them to the portal again until you’re sure that you’ve got all the details right.

File your return

Once you’ve pushed your final return from Zoho Books, you can log in to the GST portal and file your return without any delay. Filing on time saves you from the late fees that are chargeable in the portal for returns filed after August 31 2019!

For a blow-by-blow account of filing your return, head to our GSTR-9 help document or watch our detailed video on filing GSTR-9:

You can also learn more about GSTR-9 from our GST Resources and if you have questions, write to us at and get your answers from a product expert right away!


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  1. Zoho is the first online accounting software in India to launch the GSTR 9 report. Happy to see that the filing process for GST annual return in ZohoBooks is quite easy and comprehensive.

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