M-PESA and Zoho Books: Empowering transactions in Kenya

M-PESA and Zoho Books Integration

In the bustling streets of Nairobi, Kehendo Ndegwa, an electronics and home appliances retailer, passionately runs his business every day. Always on the go, he caters to both domestic and international customers, handling thousands of transactions daily. The high transaction volume posed a big challenge—manual payment processing, creating hurdles in efficient cash management and precise bookkeeping.

Recognizing the immediate need for an accounting platform, Kehendo sought more than just that; he wanted a comprehensive one. He wanted a platform that would support mobile accounting and multicurrency invoicing, and came with an integrated payment gateway for customers to pay online in a single click. That's when he stumbled upon the news that Zoho Books, a powerful accounting platform, offers integration with M-PESA, the most-used payment gateway in Kenya.

The powerful duo

In 2007, Safaricom, a leading mobile phone operator in Kenya, launched M-PESA, offering a convenient mobile banking solution. Aimed at providing an accessible alternative for financial services, M-PESA empowered users to store and transfer money using their mobile phones.

Zoho Books launched in Kenya last year and is already trusted by thousands of businesses. It has now joined forces with M-PESA, creating a powerful duo to reshape business payment transactions.

Why integrate Zoho Books with M-PESA?

The integration streamlines financial transactions, transforming tedious manual payment processes into streamlined operations. Quick invoicing makes M-PESA a seamless payment option. Kehendo recognized it as a must-try combination and gave it a shot.

How worthy was Kehendo's choice?

Zoho Books, allowing bulk invoice processing, became even more convenient for Kehendo with M-PESA. His customers made immediate, easy payments, providing a hassle-free experience. Tedious processes like check processing or cash counting were eliminated, and operations streamlined. Zoho Books allowed swift invoicing, with M-PESA seamlessly incorporated as a payment option. All he has to do is create an invoice in Zoho Books, enable M-PESA payments, and share it with the customer.

Whether initiated by the customer or merchant (yes, Kehendo can send payment requests to customers via M-PESA), it became as simple as sharing a phone number, approving the payment, and authenticating transactions with a PIN entry. Robust security measures like PIN authentication, SMS confirmation, and fraud detection mechanisms ensured a safe financial journey. Kehendo's business hurdles found a complete-package solution.

What's more?

Zoho Books allows dedicated spaces for customers (Customer Portal) and vendors (Vendor Portal) to view and manage all their transactions. These portals provide more control over actions like accepting quotes or paying invoices and bills from one place. Kehendo conveniently set up these portals for regular customers and vendors, sent bulk transactions enabling M-PESA, and gave stakeholders access to conveniently track, comment on, and pay invoices.

The good news is that, this transformative partnership isn't limited to Zoho Books. M-PESA seamlessly integrates with Zoho Invoice and Zoho Inventory, ensuring a cohesive financial journey for businesses.

Note: Transaction charges are applicable as per M-PESA's plan. No additional fee will be charged by Zoho.

A practical solution for Kenyan businesses

In summary, integrating M-PESA with Zoho Books is a strategic move for growing businesses. It doesn't just provide a practical solution; it opens doors to a future where digital efficiency and innovation set the tone. Consider integrating M-PESA with Zoho Books to not only streamline, but elevate your business transactions for heightened efficiency and accuracy.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?

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