Zoho Projects : Timesheet and Billing Enhancements

When dealing with different projects and different customers during the day, it becomes tough to remember what you were doing for each and every customer. Most of the time, we tend to forget half of the things. Typically, there is a need to track both billable and non-billable hours spent for billing each customer and keep track of the productive work done during the day. Zoho Projects’ Timesheet module acts as a project tracker and helps ease some of these pain points.

Here is a short video that explains the different ways to maximize your productivity with the Timesheet module in Zoho Projects.

Let’s see the enhancements done in the recent update to Timesheet.

A stopwatch is included in tasks so that you can keep track of the time while you are working on a task. It is a constant reminder that helps you to stay on-task and quickly complete your work.

Easy to use Interface
We’ve made the time tracking interface easy to use by making the ‘List View’ as the default one to see all your log entries from a single place.

Billing for Payments
Timesheet is integrated with Zoho Invoice so that you can generate an invoice for your billable hours and send it for client payments.

Learn more about timesheets at Time
Tracking and Billing Software
. For the detailed documentation, see Timesheet Help.

Check out the new Timesheet enhancements and let us know your feedback at support@zohoprojects.com.

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