Zoho Recruit: Power Search your Candidates' Details

Zoho Recruit has enhanced the search capabilities in its Candidates module. HR professionals, recruiters and staffing agencies can more easily search across their candidates’ details now. The search now is carried out both in the form fields of candidates and also in the attachments section (typically, resumes and other documents associated with a candidate). And the below table lists all the search types and their respective operators that are available.

Search Type


 Wildcard Search

Question mark “?”
Asterisk  “*”

 Boolean Search

AND, OR and NOT 

 Exact Search

Double quotes (“”) 

 Combination Search

Parenthesis () 

  • Don’t know exactly what to look for? Don’t you worry. Our wildcard search will come in handy at such situations.
  • Like to customize your search by including or excluding a particular word or phrase? Check out our boolean search options and formulate your search items.
  • Want to find records that contain an exact match of a phrase or word? Well, simply enclose the search phrase within double quotes
  • Having a lengthy search term or phrase? Go ahead with our combination search option.

Getting yourselves updated with the latest advancements in Zoho Recruit‘s Candidates module is just a click away. Click here to know more on this topic.

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