Zoho Projects in Your Pocket : Our Native App for iPhone

A mobile phone is the first thing you pick up in the morning, and the last thing you put away while you’re going to sleep. You browse with it, connect with your family, friends and interact with those that matter most on it. But that’s not all, it stays with you and keeps up with you where ever you are.

On this front, we recently made an announcement of Zoho Projects Native App for iPhone at our Zoholics event. With this update, we’re making it easier than ever to connect from anywhere and get your work done faster so your productivity never skips a beat – even if you’re in an airplane.

For Example, you can quickly get to know who is working on what in a project, check off your tasks when they’re done and manage timesheets from anywhere. Need to share an important detail? No worries, just pick your mobile, tap and share it with the team and voilà… your update is posted even when you are away on a travel.

Here is a list of all the cool things you can do with your iPhone :

  • Create, assign and close tasks effortlessly right from within your mobile
  • Keep in touch more easily with latest project activities on the fly
  • Access your timesheets to log time in a few easy taps…it’s all at your fingertips
  • Knock off your tasks and task list when you’re done even outside your office
  • Use iPhone to record voice as task notes without breaking your train of thoughts

You’re just a few steps away from activating the iPhone Mobile App for Zoho Projects. Click to Activate iPhone Mobile App and learn more about this at iPhone User Guide.

In addition, visit the iTunes or App Store and download the Zoho Projects Native App for your mobile and start accessing Zoho Projects right away. Mobile edition is available for all paid plans and starts at $3 per user/month or $30 per user/year.

A quick note: When you install Zoho Projects on your iPhone, 15 days free trial is automatically enabled for your portal.

We’d love to hear a lot from you as comments below or share your views with our Zoho Mobile team at support@zohomobile.com


19 Replies to Zoho Projects in Your Pocket : Our Native App for iPhone

  1. Cant we see bugs using the iphone app? Should I make any setting change or it is just not built? If it is not built, is it expected? I am going to be using it mostly for bugs.Anukool R

  2. I would like to see all my tasks for all projects all in 1 list and also All Users All Tasks all in 1 list - and filter by tasks due today.

  3. @brett,
    Access to tasks of all users will be made available soon.@Arman Rousta,
    Android app is in the early stages of design. Might take some time for us to get it to market.@Ronn James,
    I agree that we could make the app more dynamic. I understand that you would like to navigate to the various module records (like a task or a forum topic.) when you tap on the activity pertaining to it in the "Activities" list. We will look to address this and also add more features to the app as soon as possible. Sathish Rajagopalan

  4. I got excited about the app (heavy iPhone/ iPad user)The app is like a jpeg when I was hoping for mpegThe app is static, not interactive. I can see a forum submission or document, however I cannot access the submissions contentsI realize that you early days, but mirrored functionality is a real requirement, otherwise I will have to continue to user my browser "FULL" version. Please keep us posted when the app becomes more dynamicMy two cents (oh yeah, I'm in Canada, we don't have the penny anymore... My nickels worth)

  5. Im not seeing tasks for all users. Does the app only show tasks for yourself? I would like to see all tasks across all users. Is this possible?

  6. Hi Eric, Visal, Hein,Thanks for downloading the app and taking your time to write to us.
    Sorry that currently, we do not support Google account login from our native app. You may have to create a Zoho login using your Gmail ID for the time being.To continue using your Gmail ID to access Zoho on iPhone, we request you to perform the following steps:1. From your desktop computer, go to http://zoho.com/" rel="nofollow">http://zoho.com/ . If you are already signed-in to Zoho, Sign out so that the Login frame is visible.
    2. Invoke the "Forgot Password" link in the login frame. OR, type https://accounts.zoho.com/password in the browser window.
    3.Specify your GMail ID in the "Email ID" field and "Request" for a password.
    4. In the mail that would subsequently arrive in your GMail Inbox, set your account password using the link in the mail.
    5. Now, you can use your GMail ID as the user name and the password that you have set as the password to login into Zoho.Hope the above information is useful. Do email us at support@zohomobile.com for any further details you may require and we'll be happy to assist.

  7. We use google apps, with oneLogin (using SAML V2) as authorization and single sign on tool. I have tried but i can't connect. Do you have any Idea what do I have to configure in order to access?

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