Get More Done While On the Go With the Free Zoho Projects Mobile App

Do you love the new design for Apple’s iPhone iOS? Do you hate it? Everyone seems to have an opinion about it – and a very strong one! That highlights the important role that mobile phones play in our daily lives.

And that’s exactly why we decided to make our Zoho Projects Mobile Apps free – both our iPhone and Android Mobile App are now free for all users.

Free Projects Mobile AppHere’s a typical request from one of our customers:

The (Free) Mobile app only gives me limited options, Feeds and Settings. I’m not able to update timesheet or anything. Doesn’t even show those options for me. Why?

When we launched Zoho Projects 4.0 the Free Mobile edition did have limited options to use while the rest of the features like tasks, documents and timesheet were available only as part of the paid edition.

You asked; we listened. Today the Zoho Projects Mobile App is free – even the more advanced version that was previously only for paying customers. We want you to start using the Zoho Projects Mobile App to the fullest extent possible for your work even while on the go.

What are you waiting for ? Just go to iTunes or Google Play store install the Zoho Projects Mobile App right on your mobile device.


25 Replies to Get More Done While On the Go With the Free Zoho Projects Mobile App

  1. sigh for the amount of black berry user that are out there, why is it getting over looked and monopolized into exile because developer like your self wont consider its user group and keep following the hype of the two monopoly companies out there. sigh.......

  2. Yes, the pricing for the add-on has been removed already and there is nothing extra that you will have to do from your end. There will not be a monthly subscription levied for the app. It is totally FREE to use now.

  3. Hi Brian,Sorry that we do not have any immediate plans to have an app out for Windows devices yet. We sure will keep you posted when we get things rolling on this front.

  4. So you will be removing the additional monthly charge for each mobile user connecting to the project system? Is that automatic or do we need to change this ourselves?

  5. Hi Fisher!To sign in using your Google ID, as a workaround, please go to " rel="nofollow"> -> select Sign in -> Invoke Forgot password and mention your Google ID in the email address field. You will now be able to use the Google login with the password sent to the Google ID to access the app. This is a temporary workaround as we do not support Google account login yet. We are working towards supporting direct Google Account login. Our upcoming updates will have this addressed.

  6. @RonaldCSorry that you are facing issues in adding a timesheet. We would like to get an insight into the issue that you are facing. It would be great if you could send out an email to with regard to your issue and we will get back to you.

  7. I think the app has some bugs. Tried to add Timesheet but could not. When I want to change the hours it keeps telling me I need to select a date. And when I go to date I see the date on today but the Tap to Select does not work. Hope you fix this soon.

  8. Hi guys,Any plans for a BlackBerry 7 or BlackBerry 10 app? I'd like to recommend this to my director but I shouldn't do that if a BB app isn't going to happen anytime soon...Thanks!

  9. @RG, @ JonathonWe do have plans on bringing out an app for iPad devices. This is still being worked upon on the drawing board. We sure will put out an announcement when we have it ready for you.

  10. Hi Slim!We will have the bugs module within our app over time. This is in our roadmap and will be implemented soon. Do be on the lookout for our updates. Thank you for the support

  11. Hi Andrew!Thank you for providing your feedback. With regard to your request, we have identified the issue related to the scenario and have fixed it. Our upcoming update (due soon) should do the trick. I will follow this up via email and keep you posted once the update is out.

  12. Hi Moab!Sorry that you are facing issues with the app. I did receive your email. I will contact you via email to get an insight into the issue you are facing and assist you in having it resolved.

  13. Hello there. I am a loyal ZOHO user of projects, crm and invoice. I am also a loyal Blackberry Guy. Is there any chance of mobile app for Bberry???

  14. Yes - iPad version would be great - I am actually using the app on my iPad at 2x size - still works well.Main request would be to include the calendar in the app as well - I use this view a lot on the desktop version.

  15. I´m not happy, I have always problems with the mobile app, the newest problem was right afterthe last update, downloaded by my phone. I try, try and try to update tasks, and I get back "TASK UPDATE FAILED", and I have sent many messages as a feedback and I don´t get a solution, Please fix all the problems the app has, so this way the app will be great.

  16. Dear Zoho Projects Team,Thank you for your amazing apps and services. However, i created the request number 2092640 (on Mar 28), about the problems with Zoho Projects app and it's still not resolved and nobody answers.Thank you.

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