New: Recurring Tasks and Reminders in Zoho Projects

We’ve just added Recurring Tasks and Reminders to Zoho Projects!

What are Recurring Tasks ?

Recurring tasks are a type of task that allow you to create a task once, and then have
it recreated automatically after a designated period of time. So they act as a convenient way of repeating a task on track without burdening your task list with a long list of upcoming tasks.

If you look at a list of repeating tasks people have, you will soon realize
that there is no single standard recurrence pattern followed.

For example, a recurring weekly task would be something like submitting your
timesheets every Monday or making backups of your data every month. In Zoho
Projects, entering a new task requires few easy steps and the same does not
equally apply to repeating tasks. Typically, repeating tasks are entered much
less frequently i.e. some are even entered once and remain there for months
(“make backups” is one such example).

So the existing UI for adding your regular tasks is left untouched and recurring tasks are now accessible by selecting the Reminder & Recurrence option from the task action menu in a single click.

Task reminders change your work for better
Hectic schedules are simply just a way of life in this day and age. Fortunately, a task reminder is an  extremely beneficial feature that constantly reminds of everything that is absolutely necessary in your work life. Task reminders in Zoho Projects help you stay on top of what’s going on through timely email reminders. So with this, you don’t miss anything important like fixing acritical issue for a customer or catch up with your team meetings.

Here‘s a quick video tutorial which we’ve put together to help you get started

Note that these features will be available in Premium ($35), Enterprise ($80) and ValuePack3 plans of Zoho’s Project Management Software

We hope you enjoy using recurring tasks and reminders in Zoho Projects to get your work done faster and deliver the best possible service for your customers.


32 Replies to New: Recurring Tasks and Reminders in Zoho Projects

  1. I can't figure out how to do the recurring tasks, I want to add my tasks every month. I watched video's ect. I can't figure it out, I need some assistance

  2. Hi,
    Can someone please tell me how to get recurring tasks working. When I want a task to be recurring every week, say on a Friday, it just fills in every day.No zoho documentation or demo of this and it doesn't work.
    We have tried it on pc and mac and IE and FF and Chrome.
    Poste a message but noone comes back to us.
    We paid for the projects upgrade and would like this to work please.Can anyone from Zoho come back to us with a proper, Step-by-step description of how to make this work? Please DON'T send us off to another flakey description of the service like this one: I am talking about a proper set of documented steps to do a weekly recurring task. I don't think it's possible. GrrrrrBob

  3. Can't believe i just spend 2 days loading a project only to find i can't use the recurring task feature.
    Asking users to pay per month is not a runner especially if you are trying to win over new business.

  4. A recurring cycle that included fortnightly and quarterly would also be really useful, as many of my accounting tasks recur on this basis - am currently having to set weekly/monthly and skip to the next week/month but this defeats the purpose of the reminder - would be great if any future updates could also include this functionality too please?

  5. Dear Dennisproppe,By default when you upgrade we only take the difference of cost i,e in your case we'll only charge $100 and not $199 when you choose the $299 annual plan.Please follow the steps below to upgrade :1. Login to Zoho Projects
    2. Go to Upgrade/Billing tab
    3. You'll find the new pricing table
    3. Click Upgrade button of the required planThis automatically upgrades to the $299 paid plan.In case if you have any issues, please do mail us at support@zohoprojects.comWith Regards,

  6. Dear Mani,we are a user of the Value pack 2 and would really like to do the $100-Upgrade you propose in your comment. Unfortunately, the only option I have is to upgrade to the new $299 plan, which, I fear, will render the $199 we paid some months ago, void. Question: How can we upgrade to the $299 plan paying only the 100$ you proposed?

  7. Dear All,Thanks for sharing your suggestions. Let me try to explain why we added these new features in higher plans.Both Reminder & Recurring are scheduled job. This means we have to add extra servers & so there's additional cost involved for us. That is the MAJOR factor for this decision.The issue is for the Value pack 2 customers as there is a $500 jump from Value pack 2 to Value pack 3. This will be addressed soon. As said earlier, we are retiring our value pack offers soon. The new yearly plans for $20 is $199, $35 is $299 & $80 is $599So Value pack 2 customers need to pay $100 / year extra to use this & not $500 / year extra. This option will be enabled before end of this month.Thanks,

  8. Mani and Vijay.I sign up as ValuePack2 plan customer because I know ZOHO cannot provide "all new features in basic version".ValuePack2 customers cannot be turn "basic", We have signed as valued added customers and pay for a year and during that period of a year it wouldn't be fair if Zoho turn us into basic you see my point? It is like if you buy a business ticket (in long time in advance) and when is the time to fly you are not given the newspaper because they have create a new business preferent plan after you bougth the ticket...

  9. I agree with @Customer for 2+ years, @angel, @Gary, @MK, @Matrix, @JC and many others that it is UNREASONABLE to have to PAY MORE for a BASIC feature that has been FREE for 5+ years.I rarely comment, but coincidentally, I was questioning if it was worth moving from BaseCamp (BC) to Zoho over a year ago and was researching the top Project Mgmt sites. Over a year ago, I did it for the lower price since they had similar features, but if Zoho wants to charge more for features all the other Project Mgmt online companies offer for free at the same rate, I will probably move. I don't mind paying for features that NO OTHER PM company offers, but it's ridiculous to pay for basic stuff that you can do on free sites, i.e. Google. You can even manage projects on Google Sites in a similar fashion.Agreeing with @JC, I hope that Zoho realizes it's best to provide basic features to KEEP the existing customers and stay competitive in the market.I meet with several Entrepreneurs like me several times a week and boast how Zoho has the same features for less (but after this, Recurring Tasks was a lacking feature compared to others). Zoho, please keep me as a happy customer.I would prefer that Zoho spend more time on having better contingency programming so that it works more like MS Project (like it claims) where you put in duration and the dates are automatically filled in rather than having to put in a due date for each and every task. What is the point in having dependencies when you are putting in the start and due date order.I will wait for more feed back from Zoho. I hope to stay.... (but would not think hard on changing if they can't stay competitive)

  10. Has there EVER been a Zoho Projects feature/pricing announcement in recent memory that's garnered SO much negative backlash? Zoho isn't 37 Signals (thank heavens) and it isn't SalesForce (what a relief). Remember arrogance isn't what got Zoho where it is today.Zoho: It's not too late to admit you made a mistake. Recurring Tasks have been FREE from Google Calendar for 5+ years and INCLUDED with Microsoft Outlook for 10+ years. Stop trying to be like the bagel shop that charges extra to slice the bagel in half. Or the restaurant still trying to charge for drink refills when 99% of their competitors give free refills.Want to see a mass exodus from Zoho? Keep up the arrogance.

  11. I just upgraded to value pack 3 because my services depend on recurring tasks and reminders. I totally agree that having to upgrade to 699.00 for the year is way overpriced - and was very hesitant to do it.....but I felt pressured into it as the only alternative was to change completely to another program.... still considering....

  12. I just signed up as a ValuePack2 customer (I also am a paying CRM customer). I am VERY disappointed that I must pay an additional $500 to have the Recurring Task functionality. The logic behind this pricing model escapes me (if I do not function solely on income generation for Zoho).

  13. Our idea is to provide the feature above $35/month plans as we cannot offer all new features in basic version. As there are no equivalent plans to $35 & $80 in heavily discounted Valuepacks, we provided this in Valuepack3.We also believe that all customers are not going to use these features. So giving it in basic edition will clutter the product for users who don't need them.Valuepack offer is extended till this month & we are planning to provide $599/year & $299/year plans equivalent to $80/month & $35/month so that you can get these features in $299/year plan itself.We will give upgrade option from Value packs to $299 & $599 plans.So we believe this is not over priced. We are already offering lot of features in the basic version itself.

  14. Watched the video, seems pretty straight forward. This gives you a clear advantage over Basecamp. But it's a shame that this basic feature is only available in the higher priced plans. I prefer Zoho projects' usability over i.e. " rel="nofollow">, but the one darn thing they offer is "recurring tasks" as a free basic feature. I'd still prefer Zoho, if not recurring tasks were the reason why I started looking for alternatives to Basecamp in first place.

  15. Agree! This is basic functionality that should be in all plans. The reason I left Central Desktop was because they started to keep the good stuff for the big companies that could afford the top packages. Please don't start doing the same.

  16. @Customer for 2+ years,We are continuously adding new features to Projects & it's hard to add all of them in the basic package.These features are added as part of $35 plan. We are working on options for Value pack customers to upgrade to yearly plan of $35 which will be lesser than $699 but with same benefits of Value pack.In another 2-4 weeks, you will see some changes in our pricing which will address your issue.We are very sorry to frustrate you with this.

  17. I have to say it is a great feature and makes a lot of sense (keep up the good work¡) but also that I consider very unfear that us, who chose ValuePack2 and paid , only two months ago in our case (not having the knowledge that you were changing the plans and hoping to get future improvements), can not enjoy it. Can you explain it? Thanks in advance.

  18. I agree with the comments above. Putting in features that are expected, but missing, are not ones you should be trying to charge for. Those enhancements are ones that just keep you viable.

  19. I was excited to see this feature until I saw that you have to have the $420 per year (or higher) plan to use it. I would expect such a common feature to be included in all plans. Other programs that track tasks or events (toodledo, Google Calendar) have this in their Free versions. Seems absurd to keep the lower priced versions crippled...

  20. I am happy for this, but I agree "customer for 2+years"Useful feature but ridiculously overpricedSo Zoho expects customers like us to upgrade from $199/year to $699/year (+$500/year) just to be able to set recurring Tasks?!?

  21. I agree with "Customer for 2+ years." Lack of recurring tasks is a glaring omission in Zoho Projects and the value add of this feature would have been huge, maybe enough to keep us renewing when our term is up. When I saw the blog post come through I thought -- maybe we we'll stop investigating alternatives to Zoho for our project management needs. But, now that I see that it's for $500/yr more: no.

  22. I am very happy that you have provided us this very valuable option! You are now light-years ahead of Basecamp, who does not offer recurring tasks and has no plans to. This is such a critical feature, and I applaud you for giving your customers what they need!

  23. Useful feature but ridiculously overpricedSo Zoho expects customers like us to upgrade from $199/year to $699/year (+$500/year) just to be able to set recurring Tasks?!?OMG...Recurring tasks is a feature that's been in Google Calendars (free and Premier) for YEARS. Recurring tasks is also a feature that's been in Microsoft Outlook since the late 1990's.Is your product manager just naive or delusional?After upgrading an additional $100/year last year on our value pack to try out Wikis... and realizing a few days later that the Wikis in Zoho Projects were NOT the same... and nowhere near as featured packed (especially backups) as your OWN Zoho Wikis product, this hubris hits a particularly raw nerve. I couldn't get anyone at Zoho to even respond to my request to refund the additional $100/year when we were grossly disappointed.Zoho is skating on thin ice to demand $500/year more for such a basic feature that was really a GLARING omission before... NOT a feature addition/enhancement.PS: I never make blog comments. But this whole post just rubbed me the wrong way.

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