Looking for more than invoicing? Accounting is here!

The much awaited Zoho Invoice to Zoho Books migration is here. We are
very glad now that our Zoho Invoice users can graduate from invoicing to
accounting with ease. Ever since we launched Zoho Books, we have been
bombarded with requests for a simple migration option. We were forced to
break ground on this due to the volume of requests we were getting by
the day.

We’ve created a step by step guide to help you with the migration, which is available here.

you haven’t tried Zoho Books yet, this is a good time to try it; considering
that you can move your data over at the click of a button. We’ll
curiously wait for your feedback on this migration option. If we win your approval on this one, we’ll make way
for some more easy migration tools in times to come. 


16 Replies to Looking for more than invoicing? Accounting is here!

  1. We are a zoho books user and want to migrate to Invoice. We are not using any of the functionality in Books and as i understand Invoice is better / more flexable than books. Is there a way to migrate from books to invoice?

  2. Import not working: Getting message: This user is not associated with any organization.So currently no way to import from Zoho Invoice into Zoho Books

  3. Thank you for the import ability from Invoice. Very helpful. I am going to be migrating in the next couple of weeks. Well done

  4. Zoho Book in spanish would be great. I have an interested client, and the integration Books-CRM-Projects is a winner.
    Thanks to Zoho's team.

  5. Do you have any idea when the Zoho Books in French might be available? Will it be based on French accounting as well?

  6. @Alex, @arandano: At the moment, Zoho Books is available only in English. We will be localizing Zoho Books in French and Spanish though it is not in our short term plan.@Flavio: Export option for invoices and expenses are already available. We will be coming up with bills export shortly.

  7. I need to export all data regarding invoices, bills and expenses for tax purposes. It's compulsory from tax office.
    Without this tool, Zoho Books is useless.
    It can be used only as backup of the real account software.
    Since from 01/01/2012 I would like to use only Zoho Books, I hope this tool will be implemented very soon. I can't wait anymore.

  8. I would like to see an option to save/backup info to the local machine in case internet access is limited or unavailable.

  9. Hello,
    The french version it is ready ? I'm very
    interesting about zoho books but in french language...
    Thanks for your return.Sincerely
    Alexandre Mercier

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