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The Zoho CRM support team, much like other support teams at Zoho are constantly working to address any issues that you might be facing. And at times when we do not have an immediate solution to your problem, we’ll always try to reach out and work out a temporary workaround solution. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to work on a more permanent long-term solution.

In one such instance, Delib, a Digital Democracy company, recently blogged about their experience with Zoho CRM.

On their blog, Adam C. of Delib explains how Zoho was the right choice for their CRM needs and how they’ve been impressed with the range of functionality available in Zoho CRM:  

During my time here, it’s fair to say that I’ve used Zoho extensively. The system has a very impressive arsenal of functionality, and every time I use it I end up finding some new feature. I use it for a large portion of each day and I estimate that I’m only using around 15% of its full functionality.

Adam goes on to talk about Delib’s experience when he came across a problem and tried getting support from Zoho CRM

Last week, Delib and Rubber Republic came-a-cropper with Zoho and hit a brick wall. And when you’re trying to do something and you simply can’t do it, we all know how frustrating things can be.

However, on Thursday Zoho called us at Delib and helped us round our problem. They weren’t able to fix it then and there, but they were able to understand our needs and offer a workaround for the time being.

All software goes wrong sometimes, and the measure of a solution can sometimes be how well it is supported.

Thanks to the team at Delib for sharing this support experience! We’ve also been receiving similar feedback from other Zoho CRM customers.

See for example, these recent tweets made by Matthew Butterworth. Both posted on the same day: 

Thanks Matthew, for continuing to love us! We hope to keep earning your love 🙂

If, like the Delib team or Matthew, you’d like to share your experience with Zoho CRM too, do give us a shout out on Twitter. You can also stay tuned to our

Facebook page for updates!


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