Explore, build, sell— Introducing Marketplace for Zoho Projects

If there’s one thing the folks at Zoho Projects have learned all these years, it’s how incredibly diverse you and your companies are. You’ve shown us how creative you can be in the way you use our features and the way you adapt Zoho Projects to fit your teams.

We’ve kept this diversity in mind as our product has grown and evolved. Today we’re excited to introduce Marketplace for Zoho Projects, a platform that allows you to build and publish contextual integrations and also find and install pre-built extensions to solve specific needs for your business.

Marketplace for Zoho Projects

The power to do more.

Expand and personalize the functionality of Projects by integrating with tools that your team is already using. The Zoho Marketplace already has a number of pre-built extensions and that number is growing even as you read this. While many of these extensions are free, developers can also choose to make their extensions available for purchase. Installing these extensions is quick and easy (and covered in our comprehensive guide).

The power to build and sell.

If you’re a developer looking to build extensions for Zoho Projects, we’ve put together an extensive guide to get you up to speed immediately. You can define where you’d like the extension to render inside the product, say the Task details tab, Issue details tab, and Extension settings. Once you build an extension, you can publish it on the Zoho Marketplace publicly for anyone looking for a similar solution. You can choose to do this for free or set your own price to collect on every installation.

All admins in Zoho Projects can search for and install your extensions, but if you want to restrict access, you can choose to keep the app private. Before you know it, your extension could be the next big thing in project management!

What’s next?

In the coming months, you’ll have access to not just a wide variety of custom solutions, but also more locations inside the product where the extensions can be placed.

Please tell us what you think by commenting below. And if you’re a developer that wants to use Marketplace to build and sell client solutions, fill out the form below and let’s get in touch.

Just like your creativity, the possibilities are endless with Marketplace for Zoho Projects.


4 Replies to Explore, build, sell— Introducing Marketplace for Zoho Projects

  1. Great to see this tool being made available. I look forward to using it. Is there a tutorial that shows how to build a sample Project extension from A to Z. Perhaps something like the Task Checklist?

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