Create extensions using cloud editor

Zoho Projects lets you build extensions using a cloud editor eliminating pre-setup and managing the entire development process online.

Here is a webinar to help you navigate through the cloud editor.


Zoho Marketplace is an online store where you can upload the extensions you develop for any of the products of Zoho. You can also use the available extensions in our store for your business. This developer guide will help you build an extension and deploy it to our Marketplace.

Create extensions using Zoho Sigma cloud editor

Create a workspace

Every developer will be allocated a designated workspace to build and host their apps.

  1. Navigate to Zoho Sigma home page.
  2. Enter your workspace name.
  3. Click Create Workspace.
  4. You can be the owner or user in more than one workspace.

Build your extension in Sigma

  1. Click New Extension.
  2. Enter an extension name.
  3. Select Zoho Projects from the list of available applications.
  4. If you already have the extension's zip package, you can upload it here. Else, you can start with a sample extension.
  5. Click Save as Draft. You will be redirected to the app editor with preloaded information for a sample extension.
  6. Define the properties in the plugin-manifest.json.
    • A sample extension will be created by default. The widget will be available in Task Details.
    • You can remove or modify this widget.
    • You can create the HTML file for widgets and configure the relative path or use an absolute path based on your need and start coding with client technologies such as HTML / Javascript. 
    • You can use connectors to call the third-party API authentications. Create a connection and copy the connection JSON and paste it in plugin-manifest.
  7. Create your extension in index.html.
  8. Click Save.

Test the extension

  1. Click Run to test your extension.
  2. Select a Zoho Projects portal to execute the extension.
  3. Navigate to the location in your portal to view the extension.
  4. Click Stop in the app editor to stop the extension. The live extension will not be loaded unless you stop the test run. You must also disable the Enable Developer Mode option in Zoho Projects > Setup > Marketplace > Developer Space > Create Extension.

Sharing Private Extensions​

  1. Click Extensions tab in the left navigation panel.
  2. Hover over a private extension you want to share and click ​.
  3. Navigate to the Share tab and click on the Share Extension button.
  4. Enter the service portal details:
    • Portal Name : Enter the service’s portal name to share the extension.
    • Admin Email Address : Enter the portal admin’s email address.
  5. Click Share.