PageSense's most requested Session Recording updates are here!

PageSense session recording update

We're happy to inform you that we’ve added new updates to our Session Recording feature. These include out-of-the box support for same-origin iFrames, scrollable elements, SVG images, CSS hover effects, and CSS added via the InsertRule() function.

Here's a detailed breakdown of how these exciting new additions will make it easier for you to understand your visitors' behavior.

IFrame support

We’ve now added support for recording same-origin iFrames and no-source iFrames on your website. You will be able to see the recording of the iFrames that have the exact protocol and same domain or sub-domain as the experiment page URL, and even of those that are from a different page under the same domain.

For instance, your home page,, has an iFrame that loads a page from and a different iFrame that loads the a page from In this case, PageSense will be able to show you visitor interactions within these iFrames as well.

However, PageSense will not be able to collect data if this iFrame is a cross-origin one, say one that loads a YouTube video.

Tracking Iframes with PageSense Session Recording

Scrollable elements

You will now be able to see a visitor's interactions with all scrollable elements of your website. Previously, you could see how far down the entire page the visitors scroll, but with this update, you will also be able to see how far down this section your visitors scroll inside a scrollable element.

SVG images

We now offer complete support for SVG images in addition to the previously supported JPEG and PNG images. With this update, you will be able to see all website images and visitor interactions with these images without having to shuffle back and forth between the website and the recording for reference.

CSS hover effects

With our latest update, you will also be able to see the hover effects created from dynamically added stylesheets in your Session Recordings. This means you will be able to see how these subtle effects alter user experience and influence their chances of conversion.

Tracking hover effect in PageSense Session Recording

CSS added via InsertRule()

View complete Session Recordings even if the CSS styling of your website is dynamically updated through javascript via the insertRule() function. With this, your website will look the same way it does in the recording, as it does in real life.

Track insert rule in PageSense with Session Recording

These new features complement PageSense's current Session Recording features, like recording single page applications and visitor's session after login to give you a truly complete view of how your visitors interact with your site.

Paired with PageSense's core features, like tagging recordings, identifying visitors, robust segmentation facility, and tracking goals and events within recordings, these new features come together to give you the full picture.

We're continuously working on giving you the best conversion rate optimization experience in the industry. Let us know what you think will make this process easier for you in the comments below, and we'll take it up in our future updates!


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