Celebrating 15 years of Zoho Projects!

Zoho Projects was launched in 2006 as a web-based project management solution that’s easy to use and affordable. Here we are, 15 years later, as easy-to-use and affordable as ever, but with more abilities and functionalities. And of course, more (happy) customers!

15 years of Zoho ProjectsStaying true to our roots

When Zoho Projects turned 10, we spoke about our leadership and convictions in building this product. A tool that’s for everyone, despite project management being seen as a complicated function that only managers can do. A solution that’s easily adoptable while not compromising on its features. A platform that brings teams together and at the same time ensuring privacy, both at an individual and team level. We’ve introduced many updates, big and small over the years, but our conviction remains the same: people first, always. Here’s a snapshot of how much we’ve grown over the years:

Always in the game

So, how have we been staying successful for 15 years running? Project management tools are notoriously known for their high attrition rates. We are growing because we always listen to our customers. We take pride in being relevant, in adapting to the ever-changing requirements of this industry. One of our earlier versions, Zoho Projects 2.0 (launched in 2009), introduced features to enable a ‘social way of getting things done’. This was during the time when emails were still heavily used to track and collaborate on work!

Fast forward 15 years later, Zoho Projects 7 (launched this January), addresses the increasingly prevalent remote or hybrid way of working with its single-page layout, ‘Discuss’ module, and workflow rules. These high-level collaboration and automation features strengthen our core of bringing people together to get work done efficiently, and we will continue to do so in the future. Our engineers are dabbling with AI to improve Zia’s (Zoho’s native AI assistant) functionality within Zoho Projects and machine learning to generate advanced usage reports.

Learn more about our product timeline and growth over the years here.

Addressing versatile needs

Yet another strong point of ours—we make sure everyone feels at home. From bespoke vertical-specific solutions to drilled-down customizations, we make sure our customers can make the product their own. Everything is customizable, right from how the product looks to what kind of options are shown to different users. We also provide several pre-filled industry templates as well as the option to create your own template to work on projects that are relevant to your field. In fact, we recently built a separate version of Zoho Projects just for a law firm! We’re planning to expand on this more and introduce additional verticals in the future.

Another way of making the product your own is by utilizing our extensive Marketplace ecosystem to build, sell, and find extensions that are useful for your work. Oh, and one more thing—we’re improving our mobile app and working on a separate app for tablets, so you’ll have complete freedom to work using the device of your preference!

Spreading joy

From 50 paid clients by the end of 2006 to over 200,000 businesses worldwide now, we’ve grown leaps and bounds. We wouldn’t be here without you! Thank you dear customers and partners for your motivation and feedback. Your support is what drives us, and we wanted to take this chance to spread some of that joy 🙂

Cx Success Tweets

We’re really grateful for all this love; thank you again! We promise to keep improving while continuing to stay true to our vision. Your support is essential for us to keep moving forward through the next 15 years.

Keeping up with our anniversary tradition, if you’re currently enjoying Zoho Projects and would like to join in on the celebrations, tweet at @zohoprojects with the hashtag #ManyHappyProjects!


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  1. Congratulations Zoho Projects team. We have been using Projects for the last decade. The product continues to evolve to make our work more productive and organized. We continue to depend on Projects to run our software business smoothly.!

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