How to improve the customer experience with email signatures in Zoho Desk

This is a guest post by Bernardo Castro, Founder of Bybrand.

An email signature is not simply information of the sender. It is everything related to strengthening your brand and generating more clicks on your website, knowledge base, blog, and social media pages. Despite being always at the end, people are curious by nature, and they want to know more about whoever is sending them messages.

This article is intended to demonstrate, clearly and objectively, how a personalized HTML email signature can help and lend greater credibility to your Zoho Desk support team. This is a challenge for any company, knowing how improving customer support can be the dividing line between success and failure of an organization.

A study carried out by American Express (NYSE: AXP), Customer Service Barometer 2017, shows that consumers buy more from companies that have quick and effective customer support. Consumers in the USA said that they are willing to spend 17% more to do business with companies that offer excellent service compared to 14%, in 2014.

This study proves that a good relationship with the customer is the key to selling more. It's all about good strategy across all service channels, and email support tickets sent daily are no different. A well-crafted email signature can be used as a tool to improve customer experience.

Email channel support

Today, service through email is the primary means of communication between companies and their clients because emails are omnipresent and straightforward. Other channels such as social media, chats, and videos are growing, but are far from taking the lead instead of emails.

As an example, imagine your company answers an average of 100 tickets per week: this is a small number, considering that Zoho Desk’s main segment incorporates clients with over 50 users, but to make things simple, let’s set the number as 100 tickets.

Doing some quick math we have: (100 x 5 days per week) x 4 weeks in a month.

That's 2,000 tickets answered per month!

Looking at these 2000 tickets/month, you may notice that you have a stable channel in your hands, which can represent an excellent growth opportunity, using support agents.

In addition to the possibility of including links and images in your message in a safe way, an HTML email signature has other benefits, such as increasing the trust and credibility of your brand. And, also, the visibility, because you can include your logo.

Take a look at this email signature, which your team could be using:

Sample signature using Bybrand

-  We highlighted the phone number: You can do this for departments or agents who assist high-priority clients.

- Link to the blog and website: It is common for clients to want to know more about the company’s latest news, at that moment.

- Link to the knowledge base: Many clients prefer to solve their problems by themselves.

- The company’s logo or a photo of the agent’s face: This makes servicing more personal.

- Social media links.

Therefore, it is crucial to take the time and effort to create an email signature that reflects your brand, just as you would devote time and energy to creating marketing material and other brand elements.

Note: In Zoho Desk, you can see how many tickets are sent by the day, week, and month. This is an excellent opportunity to engage the agents spontaneously by using the email signature.

Bybrand Extension for Zoho Desk

There are many ways to create a signature, but if you're a company with a modest support team, you'll probably want to use an email signature manager to make your work more comfortable, and save time. The extension Bybrand for Zoho Desk makes your work easier. You can use the full potential of the service, which goes beyond seamless integration with Zoho Desk agents where you can update email signatures with just one click.

Releases or Anomalies

It is common, in companies that take service seriously, to notify the client of any abnormality or improvement. With Bybrand Campaigns, you can relay ads in the email signature of every agent and make changes without needing to change the email signature personally. Ad change is done only once, directly by Bybrand and updated on all signatures. For client segments with many agents, this saves a lot of time.

ByBrand signature in Zoho Desk

Ad in a signature with the Zia Launch (this is just an example, not representing Zoho’s original signature).

Working with Bybrand Assets

Bybrand Assets is a way to work more efficiently with images featured in the signature, which includes logos, icons, or photos of employees’ faces. The resource’s advantage is the possibility to change the content of the image without changing the URL of the signature. This means that you can perform rebranding actions with little effort, for example. Here are some ideas:

- Adding a company birthday celebration to the logo.

- Changing the social icons from blue to black.


Managers and support team managers are looking for ways to standardize email communication for agents. Bybrand makes this easier, and you'll save time. Besides the Zoho Desk extension, Bybrand also integrates with Bitly and Google Analytics. Together, these two players are useful in case you want to monitor the clicks made to the links in the email signature or monitor which signature is the most engaged. Emails have incredible potential, but not limited to email marketing.

When you consider the number of emails that you send daily, it is not hard to understand why email signatures are so powerful, much more than people would imagine.


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