Does your ecommerce store really need CRM support? What you need to know.

This is a guest post by Himanshu Rauthan, Co-founder at MakeWebBetter.

Data shows there is an 87% improvement in sales, 74% increase in customer satisfaction, and 73% improvement in business efficiency with CRM support in ecommerce. To succeed in the highly competitive ecommerce market, your company must find a way to stand out. I believe the best way to do so is through effective communication with your target audience. This means a good Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is essential.

A CRM system's main function is to collect and analyze data to help you forge personalized connections with your customers and prospects.

Let's dive deeper.

What exactly is an ecommerce CRM?

CRM systems are utilities (such as software or online extensions) that help identify sales opportunities using vital information about your target audience.

In my opinion, the best part of CRM is that it stores all your data in one place, where it can be easily managed and segmented without the dedicated resources required by a DataBase Management System (DBMS).

Put simply, CRM empowers you to:

  • Attract new customers by using data to create a personalized sales experience

  • Gain an enhanced understanding of customer buying habits

  • Grow your rewards program with vital insights into your customer base

  • Increase the accuracy of your data

  • Reduce spending on disjointed sales and relationship-building efforts

Should your ecommerce business use CRM?

CRM gives ecommerce entrepreneurs insight into the habits of their customers. Using information from your ecommerce site and other sources, CRM software builds a 360-degree view of your customers, their buying habits, and their web surfing behaviors.

Besides attracting new prospects, CRM empowers you to improve your existing customers' experiences and make the most of your company resources by enhancing your customer service. CRM can keep you updated on the number of client queries needing attention, and even route these queries to the applicable agencies.

With the CRM market worth $120 billion and growing at a rate of 12% per year, it's clear that CRM has fundamentally altered the way businesses interact with customers. Data shows that 91% of companies with more than 10 employees use CRM. That's why I feel confident that the ecommerce marketing automation provided by CRM is the way of the future.

How does Zoho CRM stand out among competitors?

I’m a huge fan of Zoho CRM, because of its alluring features and wide range of functionalities. And I'm not alone—over 250,000 businesses use Zoho CRM.

In addition to the basics, Zoho CRM offers website personalization, contact management, easy resource integration, and more.

If you are an ecommerce entrepreneur, here's how Zoho CRM can help you:

  • Enhance your competitive edge: Stand out with customized field names, labels, notifications, workflows, quotes/invoices, and more.

  • Extend your reach: Track visits to your website and social media pages to identify new leads. From there you can drive conversions with follow-up emails, and even build a centralized client list to be accessed from any location.

  • Provide After-Sales Solutions: Build integrated solutions and create helpful web and mobile applications using the Zoho CRM Developer Platform.

  • Collaborate with your team: Allow team members to add and edit data through portals in your CRM account. When granted access, a team member can view and follow up on leads, check product inventory, provide quotes, and generate receipts.

  • Plan and Forecast with Zia: Harness the power of AI when you use Zoho's virtual assistant Zia to predict future sales, suggest next steps in the conversion process, or even make macro-level recommendations to improve company efficiency.

  • Stay on budget: Pay as you go without the cost and restrictions of a long-term contract.

To get more out of Zoho CRM, I recommend utilizing its integrations with WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7, both of which are supported by MakeWebBetter.  

Summing Up

CRM has become a necessity for any company looking to connect with prospects, build relationships, and drive sales in the competitive ecommerce market. Employing a dedicated ecommerce CRM system (like Zoho CRM) can help you start reaping the benefits. 

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