Celebrating 1 million installs on Zoho Marketplace

Celebrating 1 million installs on Zoho Marketplace

We're elated that Zoho users have trusted Marketplace extensions 1 million times to simplify their everyday work. It has taken us six and half years to get here, and, beyond those numbers, we've also built a thriving ecosystem of 500+ partners who've worked alongside us to enable 800,000+ users to do more with Zoho.

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The journey towards 1 million installs and more

The year was 2016. Zoho has more than 20 million users and the need for connecting Zoho with other third-party tools to increase efficiency grew, leading to the birth of Zoho Marketplace. We began our journey by onboarding 36 partners and hosting extensions for two Zoho products—Zoho CRM and Zoho SalesIQ. Today, we've forged more than 500 successful partnerships and offer extensions for more than 25 Zoho products.

Over the years, Zoho Marketplace has continued to grow tremendously. In 2020, we hit a milestone reaching over 1,000 extensions, growing by 3x within four years.

Currently, Zoho Marketplace houses over 1,800 extensions, which include 800+ CRM extensions, and 250+ Desk extensions, which have helped Zoho users get more from Zoho a million times. Read on to know how. 

Zoho Marketplace for customers

Zoho Marketplace offers extensions to address every business need and is committed to providing the best experience for its customers. Customers from across the world have trusted Zoho Marketplace and made it the preferred destination for business solutions.

Through Zoho Marketplace, customers have access to extensions that could seamlessly connect various Zoho applications to improve functionality. Customers now have the opportunity to work better with Zoho, with Zoho Marketplace and here's what they have to say:

The support extended by customers through reviews and feedback has enabled us to not only improve the platform but also work efficiently with partners to provide innovative and reliable extensions for evolving business needs.

Our partners in success

Working with us to help our customers are our 500+ partners and here's what they have to say about their experience listing their extensions on Zoho Marketplace.

This milestone is powered by YOU!

We owe this success to our ecosystem of partners and customers for their valuable contribution and support. 

Thanks a million!


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