How Klenty enhanced the sales experience of Zoho CRM users through Marketplace

The company

Klenty is a sales engagement platform that integrates with Zoho CRM and allows sales reps to effectively communicate through personalized emails across multiple channels.

The challenge

“There are different challenges salespeople face when working between a CRM and a sales engagement platform,” says Ashok K Kammara, head of growth and marketing, at Klenty.

When salespeople run sales campaigns, there are numerous time-consuming tasks to complete, such as toggling between platforms to import contacts and leads, scheduling a meeting, or making a call. They also need to record data, such as emails into the CRM platform, resulting in a duplication of work. On the other hand, they have to identify the best leads to initiate follow-ups based on priority.

“We wanted to make salespeople focus on their most important thing, which would be to engage better with prospects and build relationships,” Kammara explains. “We also wanted to delete data entry work. These are the some of the things we wanted to solve with the Klenty-Zoho CRM integration. That was the biggest business challenge that we wanted to solve for the Zoho CRM customer.”

The solution

According to Kammara, Klenty wanted to develop a native Klenty-Zoho CRM integration to enable salespeople to focus on the most important things—enhanced engagement and relationship building with prospects. The integration would eliminate the tedious task of switching between platforms and data entry work.

“We wanted to bridge that thing. We wanted to make sure that we also capture a good market. There were Zoho CRM customers who wanted a native integration, and we wanted to be one of the first platforms to do it. That's the bridge that we wanted to connect,” Kammara says.

“But what happened once we built the integration was that...customers mentioned that they were really happy and they wanted us to build more features. And they were ready to give good reviews on the Marketplace. This would let more customers know and download the extension, and the more customers coming in means more feature requests, leading to the betterment of the platform, from that perspective.”

Experience with Zoho Marketplace

Listing the extension on Zoho Marketplace

"Listing the integration on Zoho Marketplace has been one of the most streamlined processes that I've ever seen."

Klenty had a straightforward and well-ordered experience. Listing the extension was efficiently streamlined because a clear point of contact was established for each step— from development to marketing.

Interacting with the partnership team

For Klenty, engaging with the partnership team was smooth sailing as well-defined communication was established. The team provided guidance from listing the app on Zoho Marketplace to organizing co-marketing activities.

Engaging in co-marketing initiatives

Through the Launchpad Program offered by Zoho Marketplace, Klenty was successful in significantly increasing its customer base since the app's 2020 launch. Beginning with about 20 customers, Klenty currently has more than 500 Zoho CRM customers using the extension.

Looking forward

As a partner, Klenty identified two crucial factors that created a positive impact when listing on Zoho Marketplace.

Visibility: Klenty had numerous customers state that they saw a review about the extension or they saw the extension on Marketplace when searching for the sales engagement application. The results of Klenty’s Marketplace presence were reflected in the 5-star ratings in most of the reviews. The various co-marketing activities that Klenty engaged in contributed significantly to the company's visibility amongst Zoho— specifically Zoho CRM—customers.

Interaction/engagement with the partnership team: The availability and guidance of the partnership team throughout the entire process ensured that Klenty had a hassle-free experience on Zoho Marketplace. From launching the extension on Marketplace to setting up various marketing activities, the team gave clear directions on what to do next, how to proceed, and whom to contact at each stage of the process.