Get More With Notebook and IFTTT integration

We are thrilled to see many Notebook users contentedly experiencing the Notebook and IFTTT integration and automating their tasks. Applets with Notebook integration are surely an helping hand for all the multi-taskers. Having expressed our happiness, we always intend to give more to our users. Discover what we have for you in this blog and let us help you take that extra step in getting more productive. Pair Notebook with your daily-use applications and manage tasks in the blink of an eye. Let us glance into a few of them now.

Notebook and RSS Feed

Save links from your RSS Feed to Notebook without switching tabs. Make the contents of RSS Feed available to you in Notebook, from anywhere you open it, and enjoy easy accessibility. Automate the process by connecting Notebook and your RSS Feed in IFTTT.

Notebook and Google Calendar

Stay extra productive with Notebook and Google Calendar integration. Create note card for any event that you add on Google Calendar. Add minutes of meeting to the note cards that are created for all the meetings you schedule on Google Calendar. Even set reminders to those note cards and be sure to be on time for the meetings. You can also share the note cards with your colleagues once the meeting is over.

Notebook and YouTube

Create a note card with video title, description, and link whenever you like a video on YouTube. Found the workout video that you have been hunting for a long time just before entering the office? Just hit like and never be worried about losing the video.

Notebook and Camera Widget

Trying to click and collect pictures for your project? Click pictures with Camera Widget and save them all as image cards in Notebook. Reduce the stress of searching for photos in gallery after a long day of photo shoot. Just access the photos from the notebook that you had chosen to save them. You can also share the image cards with your project partner, instead of sending the photos and having them download it all.

Try the applets and explore all possible ways that can help you work efficiently and boundlessly. Create applets with Notebook in IFTTT and comment below about the coolest applet that you have created.

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Need help with creating applets? We are glad to help. Write your queries to us at Happy note-taking!


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