Email Archival in Zoho Mail to retain and recover deleted emails

"The total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day will grow to over 392 billion by the end of 2026," according to a report by the Radicati Group.

Why is this number important?

Email, which accounts for around 90% of all business interactions, is considered the dominant source of evidence in litigation. It becomes a legal obligation for organizations to maintain an archive of emails that contain critical and sensitive information. Most often, these emails are vulnerable to privacy breaches, intellectual property theft, and other legal ramifications. The toll it can have on the organization will be huge if there is no proper solution in place to retain, search for, and retrieve such emails.

Email archival

 Archival to the rescue

When a user permanently deletes an email, both from the inbox and the trash, it will be deleted forever and you cannot retrieve it without a proper email archival solution in place. On top of that, when multiple stakeholders are involved in a conversation, it could be difficult to reach out to everyone to share their email data.

That's when an email archival solution can be helpful. You can retain emails (sent, received, or deleted) forever or for a chosen period of time to help you retrieve them whenever needed.

An email archival will help your organization comply with most data protection laws such as the GDPR of the European Union, and HIPAA and FOIA in the US. It will also help you in the eDiscovery process by retaining emails as and when they're sent or received by users in the organization.

If you're looking for an archival solution for your organization, we've got you covered. Zoho Mail has eDiscovery built into it to help organizations comply with most data protection laws.

Zoho Mail eDiscovery

eDiscovery in Zoho Mail will help you retain emails, start an investigation, search for emails, create holds pertaining to the investigation, and monitor them all from your eDiscovery portal.

When you need to monitor the outgoing email activities of a particular user or a group of users, you can create email filters to choose the conditions and retain all, outgoing, or incoming emails. Once created, you can associate the filters with a user or a group and retain their emails.

You can also set up custom retention policies to retain emails of particular users only for a stipulated amount of time-based on predefined conditions.

eArchive for users to view and recover retained emails

Sometimes, people with higher designations or any person of importance in an organization might need access to their deleted emails and would want to retrieve them. What can be done as access to the organization's eDiscovery portal will be limited to the IT administrators as mandated by the organization policy?

eArchive in Zoho Mail will help users access their emails retained according to the retention policy set by the organization right within their mailbox. Based on their roles, they can be provided with access to only view and search for the retained emails or to retrieve the emails.

Zoho Mail eDiscovery plugin for Outlook

If you're using Zoho Mail using IMAP/ POP in Outlook and want to view your emails that are retained based on the conditions set in Zoho Mail, we've got you covered. The administrators and users can search, access, and retrieve the emails retained in Zoho Mail using the eDiscovery plugin for Outlook.

The time taken and the cost involved to manually review the emails of concern during a litigation process can be reduced if an archival solution like Zoho Mail eDiscovery is in place. If you're a Zoho Mail user, make use of Zoho Mail eDiscovery to make your organization legally compliant with the law of your land and to manage your email storage efficiently.

If you're not a Zoho Mail user, sign up now to experience a safe, secure, and legally compliant business email service.

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