15 things Zoho Mail has up its sleeve

If you had a cup of coffee for every hour Zoho Mail has been around, you'd be wide awake for more than 131,488 hours straight—a whopping 15 years!

During this span, we've had stories to tell, milestones to celebrate, feedback to assess, and opportunities to evolve.

As much as it's important to reminisce about the past, milestones hold up a mirror to the road ahead. We're about to spill the beans on the 15 things Zoho Mail has up its sleeve. Think of it as a sneak peek of things to come, like the trailer of a movie.

A hand holding four cards namely Diamond, Spade, Heart and Clover

Picture these features as the four suits in a deck of playing cards: Diamonds for security, Spades for administration, Clovers for accessibility, and Hearts for collaboration. Let's delve into the deck and unveil each one!

Diamonds: Hardened security

Your data deserves the highest level of protection. The following features add to the hardened security of Zoho Mail, like indestructible diamonds.

Client side encryption

With client-side encryption, your data is encrypted locally on your servers and remains unreadable even if it passes through other servers. It remains secure during transmit and at rest, and can be read only by the intended recipient with the decryption key. This adds another layer of security along with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).

URL click protection

Imagine a road sign warning you of a construction site ahead. When you click on a link in an email, a window with a warning message is displayed, alerting you to potential threats. It allows you to exercise caution and avoid unpleasant surprises along the way. It’s a warning sign—in bold.

Data loss prevention

DLP is your safeguard against accidental leakage of sensitive information. It offers a range of protected information types, both default and customizable. With DLP, create policies that keep your data secure within your organization.
Sensitivity labels further help admins decide who can access sensitive emails. This ensures emails with labels applied are not shared beyond the approved set of eyes.

Brand indicators for message identification

Logos help you establish brand authenticity. When you walk down the street and see the golden arches, you instantly know where you are. Similarly, BIMI ensures that when you receive an email from an organization, its official logo appears right next to the email message, confirming its authenticity. In a sea of incoming emails, BIMI recognizes emails from genuine senders. Take it up a notch and set up the logo for your organization, too!

Spades: Tools for administration

Admins are the gatekeepers of their organization, wielding the tools. The following features enable them to oversee the organizational operations.


With Rules, admins can set conditions, criterion, exceptions, and actions to protect their org users. Determine the type of emails to be allowed, emails to be marked as spam, emails to be moved to quarantine, and more.

Phishing simulator

To build a house of cards, every single card must be solidly stacked. But, it’s impossible for every member to experience a phishing attack every day. It’s possible to reproduce the situations with the help of a simulator. As admins, you can now simulate phishing attacks within your organization, providing hands-on training to curb phishing. Monitor stats such as mail clicked by, deleted by, marked as spam by, etc., to train members to stay vigilant.

Multi-device management (MDM)

We no longer use only desktops for our work. Phones and tablets have entered the fray. Admins can now manage, secure, and enforce policies across smartphones, tablets, and endpoints. Control app level settings to restrict screenshots, set prompts to input passcodeeach time, and more.

Clovers: Accessibility and adaptability

Clover grows everywhere and adapts to any kind of terrain. The following features throw a welcome mat to accessibility and adaptability.

Tasks as ToDo

Stepping on the gas, Tasks is poised to become even more accessible. After serving as an essential part of Zoho Mail, it’s now set to be a standalone product: Zoho ToDo. It ensures a seamless and organized approach to your tasks. Here's something to sweeten the pot—use your personal email IDs to hop on board!

A unified agenda

If you’ve been juggling between different Zoho apps to tick off your to-do lists, you can take a breather now. With Unified Agenda, you can view a consolidated list of your tasks from all of the Zoho apps in one place. View, filter, or sort them based on your preferences.

Webinar creation

Scheduling a webinar shouldn't require the same amount of time as conducting a webinar. Create Zoho Webinars in a jiffy directly from Zoho Calendar, with just the click of a button.

Responsive Zoho Mail

With the advent of multiple devices, “one size fits all” no longer holds true. Pinching screens to zoom in and out on each device is a chore. Zoho Mail is now responsive on any device you use. It adjusts based on your screen size, ensuring a seamless viewing experience across all platforms. Save the pinches for the pictures on your phones!

Hearts: Connection and collaboration

Collaboration is a bridge, not a wall. The following features act as catalysts for collaboration between people working towards a common goal.

Task publishing

Join hands with people and collaborate without breaking a sweat. With task publishing, tasks can be viewed by organization members or external members or specific individuals.

External CalDav client

Piecing together all of your meetings and schedules across multiple calendars should not be a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Do you have your private schedule on your Apple calendars and your professional schedule on your Zimbra calendars? Wield your Zoho Calendar to host other calendars, all in one place. It’s now a universal remote control for your schedules.

Availability sharing

Picture this. Your colleague or client is looking to have a rendezvous with you. But they are left scratching their heads about your availability. Wouldn't it make everyone’s lives easier if they could know your schedule in advance? Whether it's with members of your organization or the public, booking meetings with you is now a breeze. Share your availability and extend a warm invitation!

Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) support

Be a global citizen and break language barriers with ease. With IDN support,  you can have domains in your respective language and communicate with your customers in the language they speak and understand. It extends a welcoming hand to diverse cultures, paving the way to be more inclusive.

Wrapping up

With these 15 exciting features, Zoho Mail is set to elevate your email experience, bolster security, simplify administration, and enhance collaboration. As we shuffle the deck of innovations, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we can't wait to share this new journey with you. Zoho Mail has a lot up its sleeve, and we're here to deal you in!

Discover what else we have in store for you, as Zoho Mail celebrates 15 years!


4 Replies to 15 things Zoho Mail has up its sleeve

  1. We started using Zoho mail over 5 years ago when we started our company with just 2 email ids on the free plan. Today we are using Zoho mail, books, cliq, sign, people, and are soon moving from dropbox to workdrive for about 20 employees. All your apps are very well thought through and optimised and most importantly at reasonable price points. We are happy and proud to have grown alongside Zoho and seeing them competing with the big guns like Google and Microsoft.

    1. Hello Aziz, we are glad to have been a part of your journey. We hope to continue bearing witness to your success, shoulder to shoulder!

    1. Hi Sam, thank you for your kind words! We're delighted to hear our software is boosting your productivity. We hope to continue being a part of your wonderful journey!

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