Trident: All the good stuff in one place for your workplace

On this 15th anniversary of Zoho Mail's incredible journey (read more about it, here), we’re happy to unveil Trident for general public use.

Trident has been in beta mode for the past year and we’re immensely grateful to the 1,000+ customers and partners who’ve used the app and provided us with valuable feedback.

Trident is a desktop app with Zoho Mail at its core, and is complemented by full-fledged instant messaging (IM) capability, along with voice and video calling, meetings and other productivity enhancers, and business tools to elevate your work experience.

Trident is curated to work seamlessly on both Mac and Windows computers, harnessing the full power of your operating system.  With features such as Offline Mail, App Lock, and a host of other customizable options for your unique preferences, Trident is sure to deliver a truly delightful native user experience.

Managing multiple email accounts made easy.

Switching between email accounts and managing emails from various accounts can be a challenging task. With Trident, you gain the convenience of accessing all of your email accounts in a single location, with the option to view emails from these accounts through a unified inbox. The unified inbox orchestrates your email communications, making it easy to stay in tune with all of your emails, regardless of the source.

Staying connected beyond Wi-Fi.       

With Trident's offline mail feature, you can seamlessly access your emails regardless of your internet connectivity. Whether you're traveling, in an area with inconsistent network coverage, or simply without a connection (like in airplanes), you can browse and compose emails offline. Once your internet connection is restored, all of your actions sync seamlessly.

Find what you need instantly.

The ability to find that specific email from years ago can be a game-changer. Trident's mail module takes the search feature to the next level, with over 50 search parameters. You can search for emails with attachments, by their attachment names, emails marked as priority, emails with tags, and numerous other criteria. What sets it apart is the ability to use these parameters individually or in combination to enhance search result accuracy.

Empowering your business conversations.  

Trident brings all of your communication tools together in one place, ensuring you can make quick calls, engage in chats with colleagues, and host meetings, all in one place.  So, if your workplace is remote or hybrid work-friendly, with Trident, you can chat with your team members, schedule regular video meetings, and share project files in one central location. This ensures that everyone stays on the same page, no matter where they’re working from.

Effortless multitasking.  

Integrating with various Zoho and third-party applications, Trident enables you to access the most important data and functionality you want using Widgets.   

Whether it's to apply for leave, view a WorkDrive file, or look up a Lead's details, you can enable the necessary widgets and get your work done even while you're browsing your emails.

When numerous browser tabs are open, locating the right one to answer an incoming call can be challenging. But in Trident, you receive calls through a resizeable free-floating window that remains easily accessible, so you don't have to keep switching tabs to get back to the call.

Furthermore, through the menu bar app on Mac, you can stay connected with your teams effortlessly and access productivity tools even when the desktop app is closed.  

No more shuttling between apps and tabs.  

When you receive notification emails from Zoho services like Desk, Projects, Connect, and WorkDrive, the Smart Mail feature will help you see a live, actionable view of the app data within the notification emails.

For instance, when you receive an email notification from Zoho Projects indicating that a task has been assigned to you, to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the task, you'll be directed to the Zoho Projects web app, where you can access contextual information regarding it.

With Smart Mail, this functionality is integrated right into your inbox. You can view the task details, add or edit the description, collaborate by adding your thoughts in comments, and upload attachments. All of the changes you make here will be reflected in the Zoho Projects web app in real time.

Contextual magic at your fingertips.  

With Trident's Smart Flow, the entire app becomes your playground to execute contextual actions. Here's how you play: drag and drop any data—contacts, files, URLs, and more—from one module to another within Trident.   

So, if you're on a call and want to share an email attachment with the person, you can open the chat in the call window, drag the attachment from the email, and drop it into the chat.

What's more, with Trident's Smart Assistant as your workplace genie, with just a few keystrokes, you can get your work done lightning fast. Using pre-built or natural language commands, you can connect with your teammates via email or chat, make calls, create notes, update your Cliq availability status, and much more.  

The best part is that along with acting on your commands, Smart Assistant gives you intelligent suggestions. When you want to connect with a teammate, instead of looking up their availability status from Contacts, you can quickly @mention them in the Smart Assistant. If they're available, the Smart Assistant will prompt the next step to take—whether to call them, initiate a chat, or send an email. And if you @mention more names, you'll get other contextual suggestions—such as to create a group chat or launch a meeting.

A digital fortress for your peace of mind.    

At Zoho, all of our products are built on the foundation of our commitment to user privacy and data security. Your data is yours alone—not for advertisers or third-party trackers.  

Staying true to this philosophy, Trident extends the security and privacy functions of constituent Zoho applications with features like Encryption and App Lock to keep your data safe from prying eyes in your workplace and beyond.   

Your path to productivity.   

Our journey with Trident has been marked by growth, learning, and innovation. With its carefully honed features designed to enhance communication, boost productivity, and cater to your business requirements, Trident is ready to transform the way you work. 

To delve deeper into Trident's features, be sure to read this blog post, where you'll discover why Trident is your ultimate workplace companion.

Trident is available for all paid customers of Mail, Workplace, and Zoho One.

Download the app today and unlock a new world of possibilities in your professional journey.


10 Replies to Trident: All the good stuff in one place for your workplace

    1. Hi Tonya, Thank you for your comment. Trident is available at no extra charge for all paid and trial version users of Zoho Mail, Zoho workplace and Zoho One (with Zoho Mail activated and in use). These users do not have to pay any one-time or recurring fee to use Trident.

    1. Hi Sanjeev, The Zoho People Plus bundle does not include Zoho Mail (It only includes: Zoho People, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Expense, Zoho Connect, Zoho Cliq, Zoho Vault & Zoho Payroll). You would need a paid version of Zoho Mail or Zoho Workplace to access Trident as Mail is a core component of Trident. You could consider purchasing just Zoho Mail alone or the Workplace bundle that offers more value for money.

    1. Rephrase: When can we expect a Linux version? I have to believe there are many more like me who have gleefully leveraged Zoho as part of our path to get our companies completely off of MacOS and anything Microsoft (begone and never return, .NET framework!) Now to train Zoho to make Linux support the top priority for desktop apps instead of the afterthought. :-)

      1. Hey guys, thanks for your kind words onTrident and for registering your interest for a Linux varuant of it. As of now, we have no plans to support Trident on Linux. FYI, the existing desktop app for Zoho Mail is available for Linux and can be downloaded from here - as a stop-gap measure.

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