Zoho Lens 2023: The Year in Review

In the digital revolution, businesses need tools that transcend boundaries. Zoho Lens, our robust remote assistance software, has been at the forefront of empowering enterprises and SMEs with augmented reality (AR) to achieve remarkable levels of efficiency and productivity.

As we bid farewell to another transformative year, let's reflect on the milestones that made it an indispensable asset in the digital age.

Partnerships for a better future

We stepped into 2023 together with Vuzix, the leading supplier of wearables and augmented reality technology. We integrated Zoho Lens with Vuzix smart-glasses such as the M400 and the M4000 to provide a more hands-free experience for frontline workers.  

Powerful features for remote problem-solving 

The right tools can make all the difference while resolving issues. With this in mind, we developed and introduced novel features such as AR Comments, Advanced Chat, Offline Recording, and Flashlight for giving precise instructions and delivering live solutions, no matter where you are.

On-call experts for collaborative efforts 

Complex operations are handled best with the help of experts who are authorities in that field. To handle this use case, we introduced the guest technician role to Zoho Lens, which allows experts outside of your organization to attend your AR session with a special invite.

We went a step further by adding the Invite technician option to our iOS and Android apps for instant brainstorming sessions.  

Handy elements for a better viewing experience 

It's the little things on screen that change the way you perceive information. Along with AR Comments, we enabled multiple selection of annotations, where the customer can select an annotation and view the instruction while the technician is adding notes to another annotation. Similarly, we extended the Freeze option to all of the technicians in a session—whether they’re internal or guest technicians.

We've also upgraded the snapshot feature to preserve your snapshots in any situation for boosted session performance.

Essential additions for smoother operations 

We scaled the usability of the file manager for admins who are handling multiple organizations in one Zoho Lens account. They can seamlessly download recordings, notes, chats, or snapshots of any session from the portal of their choice with ease.

We expanded the Lens Mobile SDK to include the QR and OCR features, so you can scan any QR code, barcode, or text directly from your custom Lens app.

What's in store for 2024 

There's a lot of new features coming your way this year, such as AR Measurement and QR workflow. You can check out our product roadmap page for updates regarding new features.

If you don't find what you want, send us a feature request because your needs are our priority. Based on demand, we'll get it up and running for you.

On the threshold of another new year, we want to express our gratitude to you, our valued users of Zoho Lens. Your trust and commitment have been pivotal in propelling us forward. We look forward to continuing this journey with you and we're excited about the future we're building together! 

Thank you for choosing Zoho Lens! Happy New Year!


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