Revamp your annotation workflow with AR Comments

Swift and clear-cut communication during remote assistance is key to solving problems faster and enhancing the customer experience. Technicians can give instructions quickly, but customers need time to process and execute those instructions. So how do you provide your instructions without missing a beat?

Well, we've got your back!

Introducing the AR Comments feature for intuitive communication in your remote assistance sessions.

With annotations, you were drawing focus to specific components in your live stream. Now you can complement your annotations with precise instructions in the form of AR Comments. While this new feature is available for both the technician and the customer in a remote assistance session, it mainly equips technicians like you with an intuitive tool to convey operative instructions to participants in a session.

Streamline information sharing in remote assistance sessions

Here's what you can do with AR Comments to enhance the effectiveness of information sharing in your sessions.

Add comments for an annotation 

Want to prevent information overload for your participants while giving instructions? Using AR Comments, you can tag instructions in the form of comments to each of your annotations in a session. Customers will get a comprehensive view of your comments, empowering them to execute the solution at their own pace.
Technician adds a comment to an annotation

Manage comments from one place 

All of the comments that you add in a remote assistance session will be organized in one place, giving you the freedom and flexibility to revisit, tweak, or delete your comments at any time for improved accuracy and resolution times.  

Benefits of using AR Comments 

AR Comments unlocks a myriad of possibilities in providing remote assistance to your customers in the following ways.

Create customized manuals on the go 

Place arrows in sequential order and add step-by-step instructions to create a customized manual for your customer in the session.  

Conduct live training sessions 

Experience enhanced knowledge dissemination in live training sessions by annotating and commenting on complex issues for your newly recruited technicians.

Engage in collaborative information exchange

Share your ideas and brainstorm from any location with your fellow technicians on time-sensitive projects and create the optimal solution together.
View of all comments in a session under AR Comments

Increase efficiency and enrich your customer's experience with AR Comments.

To learn more about how to use AR Comments in your remote assistance session, you can refer to this article.


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