Remote billing in Zoho Assist: The key to streamlining your business operations

Zoho Assist is a remote support solution designed by a team that is constantly working to provide new and enhanced features to improve experiences for both technicians and clients. Remote billing in Zoho Assist is a new feature that helps businesses streamline billing and invoicing processes for remote support sessions. With this feature, businesses can easily generate and send invoices to their customers from within the Zoho Assist platform.

The key advantage of remote billing in Zoho Assist is that it eliminates the need for third-party applications and integrations to generate invoices or initiate billing processes. Instead, businesses that use Zoho Assist can offer remote support sessions to their customers around the globe and easily bill them from within the product. Here's how:

Create a billing plan: You can create a customized billing plan based on the session type or your business' guidelines. Bills can be generated based on the cost per session, cost per hour, or your unattended device cost.

Associate a department with a billing plan: We have two options to associate departments with a billing plan: Associate Now and Associate Later.  You may also specify a billing cycle as monthly, quarterly, half-annually, or yearly.

The billing plan can be modified or deleted quickly from the Options view. This feature also helps businesses organize and manage auto-generated bills. The bill can be updated, additional charges can be added, discounts can be applied, and you can download and mail the bill to a customer. The payment status can be changed once the bill has been paid, making it easier for you to track your customers' payments.

Zoho Assist remote billing is an innovative feature that helps businesses streamline billing and invoicing processes, which are crucial to success. By using this feature, businesses can save time and money, and reduce manual errors, which ultimately leads to improved efficiency and operational success.


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    1. That's great to hear! We're glad our billing feature will be useful for automating your client billing based on session time. Happy exploring!

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