3 ways AR live streaming is reshaping remote operations

While artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm, augmented reality (AR) continues to be a rapidly evolving technology across different domains. We've come across a few mainstream applications of augmented reality through online shopping, games, and social media apps.

In this blog post, we'll be diving into AR live streaming, how it works, and the ways in which you can incorporate this technology in your business operations.

Understanding the basics:  What is AR live streaming?

AR live streaming allows a user to connect with a remote device camera and get live visuals of their physical environment in an augmented reality space. AR enables the user to overlay digital elements such as text or images on the live stream, creating a shared, immersive experience between the two users.

Augmented reality works mainly on the SLAM algorithm (simultaneous localization and mapping), which tracks a user's movements in context with their environment and determines the user's location, along with environment tracking using cameras and sensors. This means that digital elements stick to where they’re placed on the live stream, even if the user is moving around.

Exploring the versatility of AR live streaming

Augmented reality opens up a world of possibilities during problem solving. Add live streaming to the equation, and you can transcend geographical boundaries in seconds and take on any situation virtually. Let's explore a few scenarios where AR live streaming makes the cut.

Innovative customer support

The challenge

A customer is facing a technical issue with their household appliance. They reach out to a service center, which processes the request and deploys a technician based on availability. Once the technician reaches the site, they’ll take a look at the issue and fix it. If any parts have to be replaced that aren’t readily available, it might take a few more visits to completely solve the customer's issue.

The solution

With AR live streaming, service centers can diagnose the issue right away as soon as the customer contacts them. Simple fixes can be done right then and there, all remotely. For complex repairs, technicians can get all of the required tools and parts beforehand and fix the issue in one visit.

Immersive training and collaboration

The challenge

Industrial workers often work with heavy machinery, sometimes in extreme temperatures. Training new recruits in such harsh environments requires proper work-time management and high levels of safety.

The solution

Shop floor managers can turn an ongoing assembly process into an immersive training session with AR live streaming. Trainees can attend the session from any location and get live visuals of the actual work involved while receiving detailed instructions in a safe environment.

On-the-go inspection and maintenance

The challenge

Technicians, who work on regular maintenance and repair, adhere to standard procedures and protocols for enhanced safety and accountability. Even with periodic maintenance, industrial equipment can still malfunction at any time due to unforeseen factors.

The solution

AR live streaming allows technicians and experts to work hand-in-hand on a maintenance procedure, no matter where they are. Experts can provide visual instructions and work in sync with the on-site technician. Safety inspectors can also conduct a remote inspection to ensure that safety protocols have been followed.

Wrapping up

Augmented reality live streaming transforms the way we connect and interact with customers, colleagues, and the global community. By incorporating AR live streaming into your remote operations, you can enhance the efficiency and productivity of your industrial workforce with minimal effort.

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