Offline recording: A vital tool for your operations from field to office

With the rise of augmented reality (AR) technology, organizations continue to achieve greater results and improve their standards of manufacturing, maintenance, and support. They can provide virtual assistance to anyone, even to the most remote locations. However, it becomes challenging for customers who face network issues to receive AR-based support.

Jump over the connectivity hurdle with Zoho Lens' offline recording and reach more customers.

What is offline recording ?

Offline recording is a feature available to all users on the Zoho Lens mobile app. The key takeaway is that you don't need to join a session or have an internet connection to use this feature. With a click of a button, you can do three things - preview, record and store.

Preview session  

If you're curious about what a session is and what options are available to you, you can use this feature to simulate a session on your device alone. Explore around a bit and experience AR offline with spatial recognition and 3D annotations.  

Record issues and solutions  

Ever wanted to annotate and live record an issue the moment it happens? With offline recording, you can capture the issue visually with audio while simultaneously using AR tools directly on the video stream.  

Store recorded files on your device   

Once you're done recording, the file will automatically be saved on your device. Have full control over where your files will be stored and share it with a technician or a colleague.

Benefits of offline recording 

Anyone with the Zoho Lens app can record AR sessions on their device without an internet connection. There are myriad benefits to using offline recording in an organization and the significant ones are explained below.

Boosts customer experience 

Customers can skip the wait for a strong internet connection with offline recording and capture the issue on time. They can share it at their own pace, with a technician nearby or once they're back online to receive visual support.

Raises productivity and efficiency 

Technicians working in remote locations can document significant details on the go. Offline recording helps with time management and resource allocation based on the information captured in advance.   

Enhances collaboration 

With offline recording, technicians can create a short video manual to share it anytime and discuss with their colleagues without joining a session.

Offline recording as a multi-purpose tool 

While this feature can be used in times of no internet connectivity, it can also be used for various purposes, making Zoho Lens a versatile tool for anyone, irrespective of location.  

Prepare training materials 

Offline recording empowers technicians to multitask while solving issues. They can record the procedure or solution, document complex issues as case studies, and use them as training materials for new recruits.   

Create one solution for recurring issues 

Technicians working on routine maintenance and repair projects can reduce the time taken for knowledge transfer to another team or technician. They can capture the process one time and share it with colleagues.

Record demos in advance 

Marketers and customer experience teams who deal with customers and leads directly can record live product demos and dynamic virtual keynotes long before the marketing event takes place.

Document work for compliance audits 

Organizations can maintain records of the work being done for audit and compliance purposes. This feature is highly beneficial for sectors that are under constant regulation, like insurance and healthcare.

For more details on how to use offline recording, you can refer to this article.

 Note: Offline recording is available only on AR-supported devices. Check out the system requirements for Zoho Lens to find out if your device supports AR.  


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