Introducing Sheet 5—Bringing you smarter analytics and new integrations

Keeping Zoho Sheet in line with the updates from our Office Suite apps, we’re happy to introduce artificial intelligence, a refreshing look, improved performance, robust integrations, and a bundle of exciting new features that make up the new Zoho Sheet.


Welcoming Zia to Zoho Sheet

 Zia in Zoho Sheet

Taking Zoho Sheet a step ahead with artificial intelligence, we’re happy to introduce “Insights by Zia”. Zia helps you bring out the essence of your data, with credible conclusions, insights, charts, and pivot tables. Zia answers all your data-related queries and provides you with insertable formulas too. Zia is going to continue getting stronger, smarter, and friendlier, so keep watching this space for more updates. Learn more


Cleaner data, better analysis

Data cleaning in Zoho Sheet

Anybody who works with huge sets of data knows the struggle of removing duplicate rows, rectifying data inconsistencies, and filling in random missing values. Well, that won’t be a problem anymore with the data cleaning tool from Zoho Sheet as it removes the hassle of large data sets. No matter how much data you have, Zoho Sheet will catch every flaw so you can review and fix them. Learn more


Custom functions to suit your needs

 Custom functions in Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet already has an extensive array of 350+ default functions, but you need room to customize. So we’re introducing custom functions in Zoho Sheet, powered by Deluge. You can bring contextual data from other Zoho and third-party applications such as Zoho CRM and Mailchimp into your spreadsheet using these functions, with minimal coding knowledge. All the code you need to create your function is a single line that tells the function what to do—the syntax. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that too! Learn more


Visualize data better

 Sparklines in Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet now offers you more ways to visualize your data, with three new chart types: Histogram, Pareto, and Wordcloud, as well as chart series aggregation and Sparklines. Sparklines, the in-cell graphs, help you observe changes in data trends without having to move your eyes away from the actual data.


Zoho Flow and Zapier Integrations

With Zoho Sheet’s integration with Zapier and Zoho Flow, build automated workflows between Zoho Sheet and hundreds of other Zoho and third-party applications like MailChimp, Slack, Trello, and Salesforce. As an introductory gift here are some pre-built workflows from us.

Zapier Workflows | Zoho Flow Workflows


Your interface, our engineering

This release is a benefit, not just for spreadsheet users, but also for those who intend to create extraordinary applications that deal with data storage, viewing, and editing. If you’re one such developer looking for an API that suits your app, try out the latest Data APIs from Sheet that can best fit your users’ basic and advanced needs.


New look, feel, and features

Zoho Sheet’s new interface is sure to make your experience smoother, faster, and more comfortable. Take a look at what’s new: 

  • Move spreadsheet files to and from other cloud drives
  • Chart aggregation
  • Three new chart types: Histogram, Pareto, and Word Cloud.
  • Views: Classic, Cozy, and Comfort, along with zooming options.
  • Hide rows, columns, and sheets
  • New line styles and color palette
  • Paste or fill values, formats, validations, and more
  • Interactive phone numbers


Join the Zoho Sheet community and get notified on all that’s new and trending in Zoho Sheet. Also, tell us how you like the latest updates in the comments below.


This announcement is part of the #FutureOffice series that talks about the latest updates to the Zoho Office Suite. Read the complete announcement here.


4 Replies to Introducing Sheet 5—Bringing you smarter analytics and new integrations

  1. I love the Zoho Sheets and Zia. But I am unable to find out if there is a way to create a Table or List like feature in MS Excel. Given that you already have dynamic array functions for calculations, I wish there was a way to handle dynamically growing inputs (without using offset functions with defined names)

    1. Thank you for the feedback! Currently, there is no alternative way to achieve the same, however, we are already working on the Table feature and it will be made available soon.

  2. Really improved a lot !!! It was better than microsoft excel online !!! And as soon as importrange is available as a native function it will be better than google spreadsheets !! but the price for zoho workplace is skyrocketing !! :(

    1. Hi Leonardo, thank you for your lovely words about Zoho Sheet. You just made our day! You can currently use Custom functions in Zoho Sheet to achieve the 'Importrange' use cases. The pricing for the Workplace bundle had been changed minimally owing to the complete revamp of the package with better collaboration and communication tools for improved productivity. Please drop us an email at for further details on the same.

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