Clip data and access your spreadsheets in seconds using the Zoho Sheet extension for Chrome and Firefox

Data is omnipresent. It’s available in numerous forms and formats. It takes quite some time to consolidate data from multiple sources into a spreadsheet, and analyze them. Luckily, we’re now introducing the Zoho Sheet extension for Chrome and Firefox, which you can use to clip data sets from various sources, access spreadsheets in an instant, and upload spreadsheets in your device to your Zoho Sheet account—all without having to leave your current tab.

Clip the desired data 

Found an interesting data while browsing and wish to analyze or visualize it? Simply clip the data into a spreadsheet using Zoho Sheet’s extension, and start analyzing it with charts, conditional formats, and more right away! You can also append the data to your desired worksheet in a jiffy!

Create spreadsheets promptly 

Create spreadsheets using Zoho Sheet extension

Next time when you have to make some quick calculations or create a report, you can swiftly do that using the extension. You can create a new spreadsheet from scratch or create one from your saved templates collection.

Device to cloud in an instant 

Import spreadsheets from your device or file(s) you freshly downloaded from a website into Zoho Sheet and start collaborating in real time. This enables you to access your files using your mobile devices as well!

 Access files in a click

Open recent Zoho Sheet files using extension

Want to make a change to a spreadsheet you were working on a few minutes ago? Use the extension to access it without switching tabs. Didn’t find the file you were looking for? You can also get the complete listing using the View All option.


The Zoho Sheet extension is currently available for Chrome and Firefox. Download and start saving time right away! 

Zoho Sheet extension for Google Chrome

Zoho Sheet extension for Firefox

Have any questions or feedback? Leave us a comment below, or write to us at and we’ll be happy to help.


9 Replies to Clip data and access your spreadsheets in seconds using the Zoho Sheet extension for Chrome and Firefox

  1. I just discovered this function and it’s great. I hope there is a way from Zoho Sheet to copy and paste “pick and choose” certain data from the Web much like Excel does and view information in Real Time. And also to field engine and search “grab” only certain scattered data with the words “apple” and “orange” and filter somehow organizing spread out data on the website and allow it to be clipped to the Zoho Sheet

    1. Hi Janet, you can try the 'Link External Data' option in Zoho Sheet to bring in live data from other sources. Please try and let us know if that fits your use case. If you need any further help, feel free to write to us at

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Scott! We are working on providing offline version of Zoho Sheet. We will let you know once there's an update on it.

  2. Genial, esto quiere decir que podremos compartir los documentos desde el Drive de Gsuite y trabajar el mismo documento sin problemas verdad?

    1. You can use the File > Import > From Cloud Drives option to bring in files from Google Drive and work with them in Zoho Sheet. Please feel free to write to us at in case you need any help. Thank you! :)

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Hugo! We are working on making the extension available for Edge as well. We'll let you know once there's an update on the same.

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