Introducing Merge Template in Zoho Sheet—a smart way of working with dynamic data records in bulk!

Do you spend hours drafting new records and copy-pasting data from other sources? Now, you can efficiently create and share bulk data records with Merge Template in Zoho Sheet.

Connect external sources to create contextual records, and save them or share them as bulk emails in a few simple steps!


Start with a source or a field

Add the data source you'd like to use to create your new records. You can pick from your Zoho Sheet account or from Zoho CRM, Creator, and Forms. Have multiple data sources with similar fields to pull data from? Start by creating your fields and pull relevant data from any of your sources at any time.

We're working on adding more data source options to the list with future updates! Is there a service you'd like to see on the list? Mention it in the comments below, and we'll take note!


Save for later or share contextually 

Merge Template creates a separate file for each record, which you can choose to save as a folder in your WorkDrive account or send as an email attachment to one or more email addresses. You can also choose to send out the data to respective email addresses using the email field in the connected source, all in a single click. Wish to check the files before sending them out? Instantly preview them based on the desired fields!


Collaboration in Merge Template

Collaborators can seamlessly perform merge actions in your spreadsheets given they have access to the source data. Merge logs help you stay informed of every merge (by you or your collaborators) that happens inside your spreadsheet.

Whether it's employee records, payroll details, sales quotations, or any other bulk contextual data records, create a smooth workflow and empower your team using Merge Template!


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