Introducing receipt autoscan for Free and Standard plans in Zoho Expense

We know just how annoying it can be for your employees to carry around stacks of receipts and spend time entering them one by one into a spreadsheet.Receipt autoscan

Well, not anymore! We’re excited to announce that one of our most popular features, receipt autoscan, is now available to all Zoho Expense users. All Free plan users can use up to 20 receipt scans on a monthly basis, and Standard plan users (currently available in India only) can enjoy up to 20 receipt scans per user per month.

With Zoho Expense, you can sit back and watch the receipt pile automatically translate into usable, accurate business data without any manual data entry.

Here’s why this feature is loved by employees and finance teams alike:

Enables expense reporting on the go.....

Employees don’t have to wait until they get back to their desks to record their expenses. They can simply capture an image of each receipt using their mobile phones and Zoho Expense will extract information like the merchant name, date, and amount to create an expense claim automatically. If a receipt contains multiple line items, Zoho Expense automatically reads and adds them as itemized expenses. more ways than one

You can also drag and drop receipts to Zoho Expense’s dashboard or upload receipts directly from your device or cloud account. You can forward receipts from your inbox to a personalized receipt forwarding email address or use the Google Chrome and Zoho Mail add-ons, and Zoho Expense will extract all the key details to create expense claims automatically.

Scans receipts in 30+ languages

Zoho Expense's advanced autoscan feature reads receipts in 30+ languages—Arabic, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Chinese, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, and many more—and creates expense records for them.

Save the data, not the clutter

Lost receipts mean lost money. Even with a meticulous filing system in place, losing a receipt or two is inevitable. That’s why Zoho Expense allows you to store receipts in the cloud to eliminate the possibility of data loss, then import them into the application to convert them into expense claims. Employees no longer have to record each expense manually or hold onto bulky envelopes or wallets—the digital receipt copies are stored in Zoho Expense for as long as they’re needed.

Pre-accounting is now a breeze

Extracted data is crucial for accounting purposes, and Zoho Expense eases the burden of missing codes and receipts for finance teams and accountants. It's also particularly useful for internal and external audits, since accountants can easily conduct their pre-accounting process and track every reimbursed expense claim back to its source.

Detects and prevents expense fraud

Did you mistakenly scan the same receipt more than once? Zoho Expense detects duplicates based on the date, amount, and currency and notifies you to take corrective measures.

Wondering how to get started?

Stop waiting for your receipts to be scanned and converted to expenses. Sign up to Zoho Expense now to get your receipts scanned quickly and accurately. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us at We’re always happy to help!



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