Optimizing Business Finances: Leveraging the Synergy of QuickBooks and Zoho Expense

Expenses incurred by employees are an essential part of accounting and must be captured and recorded accurately. From the time the expense is incurred to the time it is reimbursed or recorded in the journal, the process requires data transfer across multiple organizational functions, including administration, HR, finance, the travel team, and more. The process becomes more complex and time-consuming as companies grow and the number of employees who travel and incur expenses increases. Expense management software that integrates with accounting, HR, ERP, and other solutions becomes an absolute necessity. One of the most popular accounting software that growing businesses prefer and use is QuickBooks (either the QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop solution).

About QuickBooks

QuickBooks (Online and Desktop) is a financial accounting management software for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps companies track their income and expenses, create invoices and estimates, manage bills and payments, and generate reports. Its ability to integrate with multiple third-party apps across invoicing, inventory management, expense management, payroll, ecommerce, reporting, and more helps companies build seamless processes to manage their finances.

When it comes to expense management, growing organizations need software solutions that can manage the growing complexities of their expense management processes and scale with them. This calls for an in-depth solution that offers customizations and focuses on easing the expense management process for all stakeholders, including employees and finance executives.

Zoho Expense is an end-to-end travel and expense automation software built to help organizations gain complete control over their expense management.

Organizations using QuickBooks and looking to expand their expense management capabilities can leverage the integrated capabilities of Zoho Expense and QuickBooks. Here's a look at the benefits QuickBooks users stand to gain when integrating with Zoho Expense.

Easy configuration: Configure QuickBooks's integration with Zoho Expense to enable seamless auto-sync in just a few simple steps. The quick and easy-to-follow configuration helps import all QuickBooks Accounts, Subaccounts, Employees, Customers, and Classes within Zoho Expense, ensuring a single source of truth for all data during auto-sync. Once done, each expense report will be correctly mapped to the employee or customer and updated as a Bill, Journal, or Expense as the case may be post-approval.

Data accuracy, visibility, and compliance: Right from taking a picture of the receipt, Zoho Expense scans the receipt, creates an expense, submits an expense report, and syncs the reimbursable and non-reimbursable expense reports as bills or journals and expenses in QuickBooks automatically. This ensures data accuracy, visibility, and compliance while finance teams can focus more on strategic activities.

Capture all expenses: Zoho Expense enables employees with multiple options to capture expense receipts:

  • Autoscan through mobile app

  • Direct cloud upload

  • Receipt forwarding email

  • Web browser add-ons

Ensure every receipt is captured for every expense to expedite faster closing of employee expense accounts and books.

Corporate card reconciliation: Map and match corporate cards between both software platforms to synchronize transactions and update card expenses automatically. With Zoho Expense's credit card expense report automation capabilities, manage and track credit card expenses across employees with absolute ease.

Ease business travel expenses: With Zoho Expense's self-booking option and travel desk management, employees can manage trip bookings, approvals, and all trip-related expenses, advances, and documents in one place. Trip-related expenses can then be reported, approved, and synced with QuickBooks automatically, making it the most effortless expense management process for all employees.

Quick reimbursements: The automated approval workflows in Zoho Expense ensure expense reports are submitted correctly and on time. As reimbursements are processed faster, Zoho Expense's integrations with banks allow businesses to ensure they reach employee accounts directly and on time. At the same time, the updates are recorded automatically in QuickBooks, making the entire process a hassle-free experience.

Improved employee experience: Employees submitting expenses from one of Zoho Expense's multiple expense capturing features have the freedom to manage expenses from anywhere and manage all expenses in a click, whether it is a paper receipt or an email. With QuickBooks auto-sync, the seamless flow of these updated expense reports and their real-time statuses are readily available to the employee. Employees, thus, enjoy ease of use, updated information, and faster responses—an overall improved employee experience.

In summary

Simplify employee expense management by integrating your QuickBooks account with Zoho Expense in a few simple steps to save time, ensure data accuracy, expedite reimbursements, improve employee experience, and focus on activities that matter most. Learn more about the integration and how to set it up here.


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