Receipt management is now even simpler with the Zoho Expense and ScanSnap integration

About ScanSnap

While the world moves towards more digital solutions, paper receipts still dominate the retail industry and are a pain to tackle. Companies and their employees deal with countless receipts at the end of every month when submitting their expense reports for reimbursement. ScanSnap, the revolutionary document scanning device and software by Ricoh, allows businesses to scan receipts, regardless of their size and printing quality, and digitize, and store them on the cloud instantly.

Zoho Expense-ScanSnap integration

Introducing the Zoho Expense and ScanSnap integration. Employees can now easily configure their ScanSnap devices to directly upload their paper receipts to Zoho Expense.

Benefits of the integration

One-click receipt management:

Experience another easy way to manage expenses with the Zoho Expense and ScanSnap integration. By configuring the Zoho Expense and ScanSnap cloud integration, users can add a custom button to their ScanSnap device, making the entire process of receipt-to-expense creation a one-click operation. ScanSnap digitizes your receipts and sends them to Zoho Expense to autoscan them for instant expense creation.

Simple and quick bulk receipt uploads:

Regardless of the size, quality, or format of the receipts, the ScanSnap device and software are equipped to capture one or multiple receipts in high quality and upload them to Zoho Expense for instant expense creation.

Accurate receipt scanning and expense creation:

ScanSnap can scan 40 pages per minute while maintaining a resolution of 600 DPI. Regardless of the quality of the receipt, the ScanSnap cloud application's image optimization capabilities, such as auto-size detection, color detection, auto-rotation, and blank page removal, allow users to upload the clearest receipt files, ensuring accurate receipt scanning and uploading every time. Coupled with Zoho Expense's OCR capabilities that can read receipts in 15+ languages, expense creation is now a breeze.

What are you waiting for? Click here to know more and learn how to configure your ScanSnap and Zoho Expense integration immediately!


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