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A couple of months ago, we asked customers which tool/platform they used to build their business’ community. And, several of them mentioned Facebook.

To understand this better and put things in the right perspective, we spoke to a some customers at length. We realized that they preferred Facebook just because it was easy and free. It didn’t involve any additional learning curve. For most of the businesses we spoke to, it wasn’t the best solution. And, given a more convenient choice that’s free, they’d start using it right away.

Zoho Support Announcement

After that, we spoke to customers who hadn’t started building a community yet. A significant reason was convenience, again. They couldn’t do it all from a single place. Naturally, because of that, it would involve even more effort to build a community.

This was some fascinating insight for us. As always, we took this back into product development. Since then, we’ve been working on a community solution right within Zoho Support. Today, we’re really happy to announce precisely that!

The new Community module within Zoho Support lets you do some cool things like

– Moderate community posts and keep spam away
– Organize your community using categories and forums
– Automatically (or manually) add community posts as support requests
– Minimize redundant posts by suggesting similar existing posts
– Analyze how the community is growing and make improvements

Oh, and, it’s free and available on all our plans, including the free plan we announced recently.

Try it today and let us know what you think about it. Start building your community right away!

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